Kelly Rowland and Dove have written a song about hair confidence

Kelly Rowland has teamed up with Dove to pen her new single – and it’s all about hair confidence.

The pop star and the Unilever-owned beauty giant have joined forces to launch “Crown,” an original track that aims to encourage girls to feel confident in wearing their hair how they choose.

“Growing up, I felt many of the pressures young girls face today when it comes to embracing their hair, but my mom would always tell me that your hair is your crowning glory and you should wear it proudly,” said former Destiny’s Child star Rowland in a statement.

“This song is very personal to me and, having met many of the real girls who inspired it, I am incredibly proud to be partnering with Dove to spark this conversation and encourage girls everywhere to love their hair,” she said.

The song was inspired by several real-life stories of girls dealing with bullying or being sent home from school for their hairstyles. Some of these girls – including Tyrelle Davis and Faith Fennidy, whose hair extensions prompted them to be sent home from class, and Jorja Orrick, who was taunted for having short hair – appear in the intro to the new music video.

The track was also driven by the results of a survey carried out by Dove, which found that nearly 50% of girls admit to feeling self-conscious about their hair.

“Dove wants all young girls, and women, to have the confidence to wear their hair any way they choose and to see their hair as a source of confidence, not anxiety,” said Piyush Jain, Unilever Vice President of Marketing and General Manager of Hair Care.

“As a brand, we are committed to celebrating all hair types, especially for young girls who start thinking about their hair’s appearance as early as age 7. Working with Kelly Rowland to produce ‘Crown’ allows us to share that message in an exciting way that we believe will resonate with girls everywhere,” Puyish claimed.

The single ties into Dove’s ongoing ‘Self-Esteem Project’, which it launched back in 2004 with the aim of improving body confidence and self-esteem. The brand has pledged to reach 40 million young people through the program by the year 2020.