La Fleur x Uniqorn: Unicorn haven for adults

Are you that one “extra” friend or have a friend like that in your clique?

You know what we mean – the one with always a quick comeback to anything you say and goes “Yas, queen” to everything great.

They may also have a tendency to put their hands up and howl like a wolf every time Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” is played.

If you have one of these “extra” queens (or kings) in your group, there is now a place so very special; a place that will not only celebrate the extra-ness of your friend but also make you feel like being a kid all over again.

Unicorn haven for adults

Located on the first floor of Sunway Geo Avenue, at first glance, you might not notice the quaint little shop at the end.

If you are coming from the lift, make sure you turn right and walk pass Jaya Grocer.

You’ll see a trail of inflatable unicorns that will lead you to the door of La Fleur x Uniqorn. It’s just like how Hansel and Gretel dropped breadcrumbs to mark their path home.

La Fleur’s interior is like an anime cafe brought to life. Think maid costumes, petite waitresses and delicate treats that are too pretty to be eaten. La Fleur has it all.

In addition to that, this quaint and unique little cafe even has a ball pool, unicorn plushies, onesies and slippers (that you can loan and wear to pose in the ball pool).

The simplicity of its decor manages to make diners feel as if they have entered Wonderland and are about to have tea with the Mad Hatter.


Yes, indeed!

Sweet treats and everything nice

True to its theme, La Fleur offers a variety of homemade ice creams and colourful toppings for their customers. Yes, they make their own ice cream.

You can either choose to eat the ice cream on its own or put it on top of a warm fluffy waffle. We recommend that you try their bubblegum ice cream.

If waffles and ice cream are not for you, indulge in a cup of coffee. La Fleur offers different types of coffee flavours such as caramel latte, hazelnut latte and matcha in order to suit everyone’s taste.

The fun part is, you can actually request to make your own latte art but of course, under the supervision of your server. Don’t want any unwanted spillage on the floor, do we?

Recreate your childhood

If you are feeling a little down or just need a reminder of how fun you can be, head to Sunway Geo Avenue, Subang and recreate your childhood memories at La Fleur x Uniqorn.

They are still relatively new, so the menu might be limited. However, never fear because there are ice-cream flavours aplenty. The great news is that there are plans for many new items coming to the menu soon.

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