Toyota Supra gets souped-up by TRD

2020 Toyota Supra TRD Performance Line Concept. (Youtube screengrab)

Via its Japanese TRD site, Toyota has revealed the Supra TRD Performance Line Concept, which makes the model look more like a racecar than a street-legal sportscar.

On Monday, Toyota’s in-house tuning shop TRD unveiled an amped-up Supra Concept on its Japanese market-site decked out in carbon fibre before the standard Supra has even been launched. The model is officially entitled the Supra TRD Performance Line Concept and features a collection of aerodynamic-improving enhancements.

As for the carbon fibre changes, the concept has been outfitted in a new three-piece carbon front splitter, some side skirts, door inserts, a truck spoiler, and some rear spats, all supposedly improving the vehicle’s aerodynamics: the side skirts allegedly lower the centre of gravity, the door garnishes suppress turbulence, the rear spats guide the wind to the back of the rear bumper, and the spoiler balances the vehicle.

To conclude the look, this Supra TRD features a new set of 10-inch forged aluminium wheels that “improve steering response and straight running stability.” No interior or powertrain modifications appear to have been made.

As of right now, this is Supra TRD is nothing but a concept model — the parts are not yet available for purchase. At the bottom of the concept’s official page, however, “To Be Continued” is written, so maybe we’ll see a catalogue including all these carbon fibre parts beside the Supra when it’s officially released this summer.