3 considerations before buying a smartphone

Purchasing a new mobile phone can be an exhilarating experience for most. The joy of unboxing the new gadget, even peeling off the protective plastic cover, and tinkering with the latest technological offering is an indescribable feeling for most buyers.

However, there are those who dread the idea of an upgrade (either for self or, even worse, their parents) due to the difficulty in the learning curve associated with a new mobile phone.

What’s more, with so many different models and manufacturers in the market, the dilemma one faces in making a selection grows exponentially.

Whether you are a seasoned technophilia (a person with a very strong passion for new or advanced technology which may include computers, mobile phones, etc), or a casual smart consumer looking for the next best thing, it’s always a wise idea to take a step back.

Take some time to evaluate matters from a financial point of view before pulling the trigger on the purchase.

Budget vs features

Your budget compared with the features you must have, is a problem that many of us can relate to.

It is a known fact that the price of a gadget gets more expensive as you add more features. Those that are feature-focused will have limited options in selecting the choice of models that agree to your disposition.

More’s Law: The price of a gadget is disproportionally more expensive as you add more features, especially flashy ones.

For those who are budget focused, setting a budget within your means is an excellent way to start researching your options.

A good money-saving tip is to use price comparison sites to ease the search and get the best value for your money.

You can apply various comparison filters including pricing, review stars, and must-have features that help narrow your search.

From there, it’s just a matter of selecting the type of phone and features (within budget) that best suits you.

Bargain hunting (and Googling) is a necessary skill if one wishes to get the best deals.

This is especially true with electronic devices, where retailers not only reduce prices at such sales, but include incentives such as 0% interest instalment, extended warranties and other freebies.

Festive seasons are a popular time for such discounts and promotion for both retailers and online shops. The latter often gives additional benefits via promo codes and anniversary sales.

A minor drawback though is that you won’t be able to see your gadget until it is delivered to you (unless you walk-in to a physical store carrying the exact same phone model – poor Harvey).


During the initial boom of the mobile industry, manufacturers were crazily racing with each other by means of design, shape, features, and even specifically for gaming.

More and more models were spewed out every quarter trying to capture market share.

However, once smartphones became dominant this craziness slowed down, and major manufactures started adopting a yearly release model. (Which is arguably still too often in some folks’ opinion).

The good news is, a new mobile phone, with some maintenance and care can comfortably last at least three years.

As long as there are no major malfunctions or battery drain occurring, an ageing mobile phone can still handily fulfil the needs and requirements of a present day user if you can stand the seemingly forever one-second lag.

With that in mind, keep an eye out for battery capacity, camera quality, processor capability, and storage space (Note: this is less important if external storage is available) when about to make a new purchase.

These are among the top reasons you might feel compelled to change your phone. Delaying your need for speed, specs, and storage will help reduce your phone-buying expenses with a longer buying cycle.

Furthermore, this allows you to experience a greater technological leap when you finally do jump.

Phone-charging tender loving care tips

  • Long phone battery charges are BAD for your phone battery life.
  • Avoid long charges for your phone i.e. from 0-5%.
  • Top up your phone battery at 30-50% battery life instead.
  • Don’t leave your phone charging overnight plugged-in (smart charging auto-off does fail).
  • Keep your phone cool while charging (take off case, avoid charging while it’s in your pocket, under the hot sun)

Your phone, your rules

Some folks buy the latest hottest phones and then wallow in a pool of regret after the initial techphoria.

These include buying a phone that is way too big (short fingers + small palm VS big-ass phone) or way too small (fat fingers + giant palm/hand VS mini-Mars sized phone).

Post-sales support, warranty period, and even “senior support” (classes teaching *ahem* less tech-savvy folks how to use smartphones) are all good things to consider that may vary in importance to you.

Does your preferred smartphone brand have an authorised service centre in town?

Do you have a love for all things that were breathed upon by Steve Jobs?

Or are you a photo junkie who doesn’t mind a piece of crap but has a god-like camera?

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution but each smartphone model has its pros and cons that are either magnified or minimised depending on your needs.

Closing thoughts

Mobile phones have evolved from being a rich man’s toy to an essential tool in our daily lives. Many these days would (half-jokingly) lose a limb rather than give up their smartphones.

Thus, careful thought is vital when purchasing such an important device that spends more time with you than your other half.

Getting the best bang for your buck, having a robust device lifecycle, and knowing your own peculiar needs will help ensure you make a wise “investment” on this modern necessity.

This article first appeared in https://mypf.my