Peugeot 5008 MPV: 8 reasons to test drive it now

If you like family weekend excursions and need a daily driver that does not make you feel like a bus driver, then it might be worth eight minutes of your time to read our eight reasons why you must test drive the new Peugeot 5008.

1. The 5008 name used to sit on a typical bloated MPV. Now its sits on a good looking SUV.

2. This new 5008 gets its platform (EMP2) stretched by 196 mm overall with 165 mm added to the wheelbase to allow for better third row seating.

3. Peugeot engineers have given this model high safety features like full-length curtain airbags, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, AEB, parking sensors front and rear, and a back-up camera.

4. Like the 3008, Peugeot’s configurable digital dash and eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system feature in both models. It has Apple and Android smartphone linking, dual zone climate control (where temperature can be lowered to a cold 14 degrees) and a smart key.

5. In the third row, with the two back seats (weighing just 11 kg each) completely removed you get a low-set, flat and wide space with good length that delivers a large 1,060-litre boot in five-seater mode.

The boot space expands to 1,940 litres with the second row of seats folded flat. Even the front passenger seat can be folded flat, allowing for items as long as three metres in length to be loaded. So visiting Ikea regularly should be no problem.

6. This 5008 weighs in at just 1,575 kg which allows for good enough city and outstation driving from the 121 kW and 240 Nm 1.6L turbocharged engine. Peugeot claims a 0–100km/h time of 10.5 seconds and this is more than adequate for a “family” vehicle.

7. For petite drivers, parking this full-sized seven-seater is no issue as the 5008 is only 4,641 mm long (with a wheelbase of 2,840 mm), width of 2,098 mm (including mirrors) and a height of 1,646 mm.

So, while it is the size of a luxury sedan, it has space for seven adults inside.

8. With the asking price of RM173,888 it has a hearty price lead over the latest competition from Korea and Japan.

Take this SUV for a test drive and you will find its 1.6-litre turbo engine working smoothly with its six-speed automatic transmission, allowing you to drive it with ease in city traffic.

For a vehicle of its size, the acceleration is good on the open highway with a progressive wave of torque allowing this “French Model” to leave some other cars hanging behind on the open road.

Around long-sweeping corners and on highway exit ramps, the 5008 does not lack in grip even as the pace is quickened.

In fact, at times, the pace had to be restricted in order to bring some sanity to the drive, simply because the cabin insulation was so good you could not hear the tire roar and traffic speeds.

With a full load of passengers, you will find the added weight bearing down on the 1.6L engine when you try and get frisky on the road, but remember, this is a family vehicle, not a hot hatch.

Take a test drive yourself, bring your family, load them into all six-passenger seats if possible, and then drive it and experience its value for yourself.

Peugeot 5008 1.6L Specifications

Engine: 4-cylinder 16v Turbo

Capacity: 1598cc

Power: 163bhp @ 6000rpm

Torque: 240Nm @ 1400rpm

Transmission: 6-speed auto with manual select

0-100km/h: 10 seconds

Top speed: 205km/h

Price: From RM173,888.

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