5 of the best cheap eats in Macau

When it comes to food, this former Portuguese colony surely does not disappoint.

The weather too is not that different from Malaysia – the temperature and humidity are pretty much the same as here so wearing light clothes and shielding yourself from the sun with an umbrella is advised.

Macau is a city that never sleeps so be prepared for crowds morning, noon or night. One good thing though is that you’ll feel safe walking around any time of the day.

Public transportation is very good especially if you’re travelling by bus. Therefore, keep plenty of coins and small change on hand as change is not provided.

Hong Kong dollars, Macanese Pataca or MOP are accepted pretty much everywhere, including on buses.

Tip: There are many complimentary hotel shuttle services to and from the airport. You can utilise these even if you’re not staying at any of their hotels.

1. Street stall selling Chee Cheong Fun and Dim Sum

This street stall does a brisk business selling Chee Cheong Fun and Dim Sum.

This particular street stall is situated opposite Centro Commercial Central. The Chee Cheong Fun with Siu Mai served here comes with a lighter sauce than we’re used to back home.

The chilli sauce too is different – it had a stronger taste of vinegar. Overall, it was pretty delicious and made a fitting pre-dinner snack or bite for supper.

Address: Outside 48 Avenida do Infante D Henrique
GPS: 22.191888, 113.541432

2. Famous Portuguese egg tart from Margaret’s Cafe e Nata

The famous Portuguese Egg Tart is melt-in-your-mouth perfection.

One of the snacks that you have to try when you’re in Macau is the famous Portuguese Egg Tart from Margaret’s Cafe e Nata.

The pastry of the egg tart is soft yet crunchy, while the custard filling is smooth and creamy. The scent? It will make you go wild for it.

There’s always a queue in front of the shop, but you don’t have to wait for more than a few minutes before being served.

Margaret’s Cafe e Nata
Rua do Comandante Mata e Oliveira
GPS: 22.191993, 113.542178

3. Sang Lei

(Clockwise): Fried fish paste, pork bun, and Beef Tendon Noodle Soup at Sang Lei, next to Margaret’s.

Next to Margaret’s is Sang Lei, a shop whose business probably thrives thanks to Margaret’s being constantly chockfull of customers.

This shop serves fried fish paste, pork buns and beef tendon noodle soup. The fried fish paste served here is similar to what we get in Malaysia but it’s fresher in Macau.

While the beef tendon noodle soup was a simple yet tasty preparation, the pork bun was disappointing.

Sang Lei
Rua do Comandante Mata e Oliveira
GPS: 22.191954, 113.542136

4. Roast Goose Rice ‘Fan Hap’ at Sek Kei, Rua Dois do Bairro lao Hon

Fan hap at Sek Kei, Rua Dois do Bairro Lao Hon – besides being delicious, it was very reasonably priced.

There is a little strip of shops at Rua Dois do Bairro lao Hon located near the border between Macau and China up north.

The Roast Goose Rice or “Fan Hap” here is really good and really cheap – no other place can quite match the prices here.

Sek Kei
Rua Dois do Bairro lao Hon
GPS: 22.212118, 113.550351

5. Yee Shun Steamed Milk

The Yee Shun Steamed Milk dessert was absolutely lip-smacking.

When you’re ready for dessert, make a beeline for Yee Shun Steamed Milk.

The steamed milk custard here has the consistency of “Tau Fu Fa” but with the creamy aroma of fresh milk that makes it rather irresistible.

The warm milk and papaya milk versions did not disappoint either.

This shop also serves sandwiches, eggs, and pork buns.

Yee Shun Milk Company
60 Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro
GPS: 22.192741, 113.540461

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