Zero Motorcycles launches fastest electric motorcycle yet

Zero Motorcycles has unveiled the 2020 SR/F electric motorcycle. (AFP Relaxnews pic)

After nearly two months of teasing, Zero Motorcycles officially unveiled the electric SR/F, designed with powerful new performance specs to compete with its gas-powered counterparts.

On Monday, Zero Motorcycles finally presented the “effortlessly powerful” naked street bike that the company has been teasing since the start of the year and, for the first time, the company can truly compete in terms of performance with its internal combustion engine rivals.

Both the premium and standard builds of the SR/F have a top speed of 124mph – the fastest top speed in the Zero Motorcycles portfolio – and a peak torque value of 140 ft-lbs.

The main and only difference between the trims (apart from the heated grips) is the charger type; the Premium build fully charges two hours faster than the standard at just two and a half hours.

This stronger battery adds just a little more weight to the bike, but only about 13 pounds. Each have a combined range of 123 miles when going 55mph in the city and 82 miles when averaging 70mph.

The model has further been dressed up with a Cypher III customisable dash that “allow[s] rider and motorcycle to communicate critical information anytime, anywhere.”

The 5-inch LCD screen can display information like multi-mode navigation, cruise-control, and even heated-grip control.

Additionally, the motorcycle, thanks to its connection with cellular networks, can send information including bike status and location straight to a smartphone via the complementary mobile app.

The extra power that the premium build adds to the SR/F tacks US$2,000 onto the MSRP bringing the total up to US$20,995 from US$18,995.

Both models have an optional rapid charge system available for an extra US$2,300 which brings the charge time down to 1.5 hours for the premium trim and 1.8 hours for the standard trim.

Both motorcycles begin shipping to select dealerships this spring.