Look out for the Borgward BX5 SUV in Glenmarie

Who and what is Borgward? This is the long lost German car brand from the city of Bremen which was recently revived by a state-owned Chinese bus manufacturer.

Borgward was made bankrupt in 1961 and then its founder Carl Borgward had a grandson who sold the name and the rights in 2008 to China’s BAIC Automotive group.

In January 2017, Borgward sold its first product, a SUV and it has surprised many including its own management by receiving more than 30,000 orders for its first model over the first eight months of business.

Part of its sales success has been in keeping to its German heritage in all communication while saying as little as possible about its Chinese financial backers.

Now Borgward is about to open for business in Malaysia with their flagship showroom, located at the previous JEEP headquarters, next to the Peugeot headquarters in Glenmarie Shah Alam.

Borgward in Malaysia seems confident in taking on the lucrative compact SUV segment with this stylish SUV pictured here and we agree.

More information will be shared in due time. For now, here is some initial information to tickle your interest.

Featuring a length of 4.48 metres and a wheelbase of 2.68 metres, the new vehicle will go on sale in today’s fastest growing SUV segment.

The Borgward BX5, which comes with a fully variable torque-on-demand all-wheel drive as an option, combines the virtues of classic SUVs e.g. great versatility and superior comfort, with an unparalleled amount of space for a vehicle of this class as well as with the brand’s typically comprehensive range of online infotainment.

The BX5 features the company’s distinctive design DNA, including the OCTAGON radiator grille bearing the legendary diamond-shape brand logo, the typical wing lines along the sides, and the conspicuous Borgward lettering at the rear.

This design philosophy is seamlessly reiterated by the wing line elements in the interior, which is dominated by high-quality materials. This impression is further enhanced by outstanding craftsmanship and the ergonomic design of all the controls.

Thanks to its B-Link Smart Connectivity System, the BX5 also adheres to the BORGWARD brand philosophy with respect to networking.

The connectivity system is intuitively operable and thoroughly networked as a result of its internet access. It also offers a comprehensive range of online services and comes with a centrally located 203 mm touchscreen.

Customers can choose between six different equipment lines and configure the BX5 according to their individual needs.

In addition to the basic versions – Manual Modern Style and Modern Style – which already feature an extensive range of equipment, the higher quality equipment lines Fashion Style, Energetic Style, Smart Style, and Premium Style include details such as a full leather interior, a large glass roof and keyless access, which are found in higher-level vehicle classes.

The all-round intelligent occupant-safety concept PROTECT guarantees exceptional safety for driver and passengers in the Borgward BX5.

Here, groundbreaking dynamic handling and driver assistance systems help to prevent collisions. If however worse comes to worst, the passive restraint systems and a very strong passenger compartment with precisely defined deformation zones provide reliable protection and can significantly moderate the consequences of an accident for vehicle occupants.

As such, the BX5 fulfils the essential conditions for passing all international crash tests.

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