Part 1: 20 super cool things you can do for free online

The internet is home to many things – the good, the bad, and the strange. While some dub it the bane of our generation, others look for fun and useful things online.

Today, you’ve hit a gold mine of free services the internet has to offer. Here are the first 10 – look out for the next instalment of 10 coming soon.

1. Make a meme on Meme Generator

A screenshot of the Meme Generator homepage.

Don’t deny peeping into your phone at stupendously short intervals and laughing your bonkers off at a new meme. Most of us are guilty of being ambassadors of the meme culture.

But have you ever wanted to create a meme of your own, see if it’ll go viral and be the greatest meme that ever lived? Or turn a funny picture of your friend into one?

Try Meme Generator – it’s free and it’s online.

2. Get rid of spam with 10 Minute Mail

We’ve all faced the brunt of promotional spam flooding our mailboxes. With any subscription requiring your mail ID, you’re bound to get a host of emails from the company. Here’s a simple solution – 10 Minute Mail.

Generate an email address that lasts 10–100 minutes and use it at the time of subscription. This valid ID will help you gain the required access while automatically ceasing to exist after the set period of time.

3. Design with Canva

This free, DIY graphic design website has a wide selection of templates, fonts, images, icons, and more to create anything from invitation cards to social media posts.

Canva is user-friendly and can even help newbies create real masterpieces. So, go ahead and add a personal touch to your next design without bearing the costs of personalisation.

4. Schedule your social media posts with Later

A screenshot of the Later homepage.

Ever come home from an amazing holiday, selected photographs to post on social media, and dozed off before hitting the post button?

Or found a photograph you’ve been wanting to post for a while at some vague hour where you know it won’t gain the visibility it deserves?

With Later, you can schedule multiple posts across social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, at absolutely no cost.

Now, posts get automatically posted on the linked account while you sit back and relax.

5. Note it all on Evernote

Ideas, snippets, to-do lists or project collaborations, Evernote takes care of everything. This handy and easy-to-use website even syncs your account across all your devices.

So, the next time you stumble across an idea, simply make a note on Evernote and you’re good to go.

6. Read and mark with Markticle

Picture this – you’re in the middle of a really interesting article when the doorbell rings. You get up, answer the door, and upon getting back to the article realise you’ve forgotten where you left off.

Don’t lose your cool – just get Markticle. This free web extension allows you to read, mark, and share articles with ease. How easy is that?

7. Notate music with MuseScore

Here’s your chance to channel and show-off your inner Mozart.

Whether you’re a budding musician or a seasoned performer, MuseScore provides free sheet music across genres and for various instruments.

MuseScore is an online platform that lets you compose your own music, download, print, and even publish it on their platform.

8. Get answers to countless ‘Hows’ on VideoJug

A screenshot of VideoJug homepage.

VideoJug is a website that hosts tonnes of instructional videos on everything from unicorn cupcake recipes to the most bizarre, experimental things imaginable.

9. Secure passwords with LastPass

Statistics show the average internet user has 150+ accounts online. Do you remember the passwords to all of them? Most likely the answer is no. Even if the same password has been repurposed.

LastPass is a free, online password vault that stores your passwords for various accounts under high, industry-grade encryption security.

It can even be installed as a web extension that will automatically log you into accounts whose passwords are stored in the vault. The vault can be accessed with a single master password.

10. Learn languages on Duolingo

A screenshot of Duolingo homepage.

From Bonjour to Guten morgen, get your “global” on with Duolingo.

This fun, easy-to-use online platform gives you the opportunity to learn over 80 languages from around the world.

You can learn anytime, anywhere with small yet effective lessons. Here’s to being a true global citizen.

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