Fed up residents of one of Paris’ most Instagrammed streets call for action

The picturesque Rue Crémieux in Paris. (AFP Relax pic)

PARIS: Residents of one of the most popular Parisian streetscapes on Instagram are asking the city to close their street on evenings and weekends, in a move aimed at banning annoying tourists and influencers who have been descending en masse onto their quiet residential neighbourhood.

If you follow travel feeds on Instagram, you’ve likely seen different variations of rue Crémieux several times over: a charming, cobblestoned alley lined with pastel-coloured houses.

Over the last five years or so, the street has found Instagram fame via the many bloggers and influencers who have posed coquettishly against the photogenic backdrop or posted it on their feed to check it off as one of the Instagram-worthy destinations in Paris.

But a group of fed-up residents have banded together to reclaim their neighbourhood, calling the ordeal “hell”.

Indeed, a scroll on Instagram shows tourists plonking themselves down on front porches, sashaying down the street as though it were a catwalk, and performing acrobatics and pretzel-like yoga poses, all in the name of the perfect ‘gram.

The hashtag #ruecremieux generates more than 31,600 posts.

Moreover, some tourists have taken to turning rue Crémieux into an impromptu movie set, filming dance routines and blasting music just outside their doors, members of the association told FranceInfo.

On weekends, the 170m-long street can be invaded by upwards of 200 visitors.

The street is home to about 150 residents, according to Le Parisien.