6 cool budget travel apps to check out

Many people take a well-deserved extended break and travel for a vacation with their family.

Although you will have most likely planned this trip well in advance, there’s always a new tip or two that will help maximise the cost efficiency of that holiday.

For example, have you considered using a travel app?

Here’s the list of six travel apps you should consider downloading to save you loads of money.

1. Klook

Screenshot of the website, Klook.

Whether it is travel activities, day trips or guided tours, Klook allows you to book tickets at the best available prices.

Not sure what to do in a certain city? Just browse the many experiences and scroll through the reviews in the app.

You will soon discover the exclusive deals and savings associated with those activities.

You can also easily view and use your booking vouchers offline. That way, if internet connection is poor, you will still be able to enjoy those activities.

Klook is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

2. KKday

Screenshot of KKDay.

Similar to Klook, KKday allows you to discover travel activities and exclusive deals. Believing that authentic experiences are the core value of travelling, they have collected more than 6,000 special local offers worldwide from their professional providers and unique local experts.

Some of KKday’s deals are cheaper than Klook, so it’s best that you check out both apps to compare their prices.

KKday app is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play.

3. The Entertainer

Screenshot of the website, The Entertainer.

With the Entertainer, you will get plenty to choose from the Buy One, Free One offers. These offers cover a variety of categories including restaurants, beauty salons, health and fitness, leisure activities and many more.

Through this app, you might discover a deal which will allow you to book a hotel, resort, or restaurant which may normally be out of your budget.

You will also get to track your savings and share access with family and friends.

The app is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

4. Mileslife

Who doesn’t enjoy deals on top of other deals? Apparently, dreams aren’t the only places where “Inception” happens! When you make payment using Mileslife, you get extra miles on top of your credit card earnings.

Yes, there is a wide selection of merchants that have partnered with Mileslife and they include restaurants, spas, and much more.

You earn extra miles when you pay using this app and you can credit these miles to the partnering frequent flyer programmes.

The app is available for download on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

5. Trail Wallet

Screenshot of Trail Wallet’s website.

Trail Wallet helps you easily track your expenses while you travel and is free for up to 25 items.

Nobody wants to worry about money while travelling, but we all do. Tracking your finances is a simple way to get some freedom from this common anxiety.

You can organise your expenses by trip or by month. You can also set yourself a daily budget and add expenses as you go (if needed). There won’t be any need to collect receipts while on a holiday.

The app is available for download on the Apple App Store.

6. Grabean

Screenshot of the website, Grabean.

Here’s an idea for you – why not earn some extra money while you travel overseas?

Grabean allows you to become a global personal shopper by connecting you to a host of local customers.

There are plenty of items that are not sold in your country and the cost of shipping them from overseas can be expensive.

With Grabean you can earn some tip money by helping requesters purchase their items.

You can even post your trips through the app and receive email notifications of orders posted involving the countries you plan to visit.

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