Taste and See this fabulous Bamboo Biryani

According to convention, Nasi Biryani is cooked in a big pot and served on a plate. But at Bamboo Biryani Taste & See in Taman Sri Andalas in Klang, they do things a little unconventionally. The Nasi Biryani here is cooked and served in bamboo tubes – yes, you read right.

Similar to lemang, the biryani here is prepared by carefully inserting uncooked rice in bamboo tubes, then wrapping it with a banana leaf before putting it on the stove to steam. The intoxicating aroma of the meat and rice slow cooking to perfection will make anyone go wild with hunger.

The menu at this restaurant is limited since it specialises in Nasi Biryani. The options include lamb, chicken and fish and if you’re not a meat eater, there’s a vegetarian option too.

The lamb served here is tender and tasty, and when combined with the curry and biryani rice, the flavours are truly incredible.

You also get a bit of salad and lady’s fingers on the side. One serving of lamb biryani is reasonably priced at RM12, while other meats are cheaper. Bamboo Biryani Taste & See is definitely worth trying if you have a weakness for biryani.

One added element of surprise is that even the drinks served here come in bamboo tubes.

Nasi Briyani Taste & See
16, Jalan Sri Damak 18,
Taman Sri Andalas,
41200 Klang, Selangor
GPS: 3.022304, 101.451550
Hours: 12.00PM to 7.00PM, closed on Monday

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