Cafe-style Common Table in Macau is a must-visit

Mouth-watering Forest Mushroom Risotto.

Common Table is a great eatery to visit if you’re longing to just sit back and enjoy some Western food at a good old-fashioned cafe while at Taipa, the mostly casino-filled island of Macao .

Common Table, Macao
Common Table in Macau.

It is one of the more spacious cafes you’ll find in Macau, partly because it is located in the newer part of the country on Taipa.

The industrial-look of the interior is a mix of cement walls paired with tasteful wooden furniture.

The menu is pretty extensive.

Breakfast stretches throughout the daylight hours and is available from 8am to 5pm.

All-time favourites include French Toast, Egg Benedict, various types of walnut toasts, scrambled eggs, muesli, and waffles. Prices range from 48 to 78 MOP.

Taipa Salad, Forest Mushroom Risotto, Latte.

For those who prefer things on the lighter side, this cafe carries four kinds of salads at 78 or 88 MOP.

The Taipa Salad with Avocado and Balsamic Vinaigrette (88 MOP), came with generous amounts of greens and half an avocado with a really thick vinaigrette that was rather nice.

Common Table
The industrial-look interiors of Common Table.

If you are hungry for a proper meal, this cafe serves Italian dishes and have several choices of pasta, risotto, and even ox tongue on the menu.

The Forest Mushroom Risotto (88 MOP), recommended by a waitress there, was classic. The rice was cooked al dante and had an even coating of butter and cheese – truly rich and satisfying.

Common Table serves the usual espresso-based caffeinated drinks, as well as a good selection of organic blend full-leaf teas.

There is also lemon sodas, juices, or even fresh milk.

map to Common Table, Taipa, Macao

Common Table

No. 349-365, Avenida de Guimaraes,

Nova City R/C Shop A,

Taipa, Ilhas Macau

GPS: 22.159130, 113.556506

Tel: +853 2885 6601

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