Get a taste of Sichuan steamboat without having to leave Malaysia

Spicy mala soup and pork bone soup.

Mala steamboat, also known as Sichuan steamboat, is the new addition to Malaysia’s rich selection of food choices.

And to get the real taste of what Mala steamboat is all about, head to Chuan Chuan Xiang at Sunway Velocity.

For some reason, Sunway Velocity has quite a few Sichuan hotpot restaurants packed with foreigners from China. This proves that even they are giving this steamboat the thumbs up.

The taste of the broth is as close as you can get to the original taste of Sichuan steamboat without leaving Malaysia.

You begin by choosing one or two different broths. It is highly recommended to go for both, spicy and non-spicy, to get the best of both worlds.

Add in whatever you pick from the open fridge – consisting of skewers of vegetables, meat, various types of offal, and seafood once the soup starts to boil.

There’re also ingredients that come in dishes including fish balls, pork belly, prawns, and if you’re a bit adventurous, you can even drop some pig’s brain and duck blood into the broth.

Chuan Chuan Xiang Mala Hotpot.

Of course, there’s a variety of condiments to choose from – different versions of sambal, garlic, chili padi, fermented tofu, and more. There’s also a bottle of extra spicy chili oil on the table if you need to kick it up a notch.

The quality of the ingredients is very good and fresh. The soup is made of herbs and is spicy, since Mala pepper is infused into the soup.

It can be a little bit too spicy for some, so you might end-up using the non-spicy soup more.

Condiments you can choose from.

The soup and meat are sold at a fixed price. The price of the skewers is measured by weight, regardless of what is on them. Hence, skewers have more ingredients than others.

Overall, it’s definitely an interesting experience, and the place is worth a visit especially for a late-night supper.

The restaurant is open from 10.00am to 2.00am.

Chuan Chuan Xiang
VO3-3A-6, Sunway Velocity, b
Lingkaran SV, Maluri,
55100 Selangor

GPS: 3.127852, 101.725303

Tel: 018-771 6999

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