Top-notch seafood porridge in KK a great pick-me-up

Seafood porridge, Choi Sum, Asam Chicken, Salted Egg.

If you’re having an off day or feeling a little under the weather, there’s nothing like a hearty and nutritious bowl of hot porridge to perk you back up.

And if you find yourself in Kota Kinabalu, all the better. You should get some seafood porridge at Foh Sang.

The ever-bustling How Lee Coffee Shop Seafood Porridge in Luyang, Kota Kinabalu.

The operation is located at How Lee Coffee Shop by the shop lots at Foh Sang that’s packed with quite a few other restaurants that aren’t short of customers during dinner time.

Finding a parking spot may be tough, as will be getting a free table on account of the dinnertime crowd. Rest assured though that all this hassle is worth the effort.

While the star dish here is the seafood porridge, sides dishes like chicken, pork, scallops, crab, fish fillet, and prawns are a great complement.

Additionally, this is also a full fledged “tai chao” operation, so you get to order a pretty good selection of accompanying side dishes, or even have rice or noodles if porridge is less preferred.

Dinner this time was a standard bowl of seafood porridge with a salted egg, a plate of deep-fried Asam Chicken, and a portion of Choi Sam for some much-much-needed fibre and vitamins.

The porridge was certainly top-notch, and as expected with any seafood dish, the freshness of the seafood was incomparable. The vegetable was probably produce from kundasang – crunchy and sweet.

However, the Asam Chicken was perhaps a little too over fried as the slightly bitter after-taste wasn’t very pleasant.

A wholesome dinner especially on days when you’re feeling a little under the weather.

Overall dinner came to about RM60+ for two – that’s pretty decent value for the quality of seafood served. This place is definitely worth a second visit.

Seafood Porridge How Lee Coffee Shop
No S-26, Lorong Mawas 1
Jalan Kolam
Taman Foh Sang,
Luyang, Kota Kinabalu
88300 Sabah

GPS: 5.957661, 116.088143
Tel: 016-839 1938

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