Durianity Café: The sheer bliss of durian insanity

PUCHONG: Have you ever wondered what a barbecued durian would taste like? Has the thought of mixing the sweetness of durian with the briny flavour of salted egg ever crossed your mind?

Because if it has or if you are more curious than revulsed at this point, it’s clear you’re indeed worthy to be granted an audience at the court of the King of the Fruits in Durianity Café, Bandar Puchong Jaya.

Durianity Café is hard to miss as it occupies a corner lot of IOI Boulevard, with rows of durians displayed prominently on wooden racks outside.

Within, you’ll find a comfortable, bright and spacious place to suit your dining needs.

BBQ MSK Durian with Fried Rice is best enjoyed with sambal and cili padi.

Featured on the very first page of the menu is the BBQ MSK (Musang King) Durian with Fried Rice.

In addition to the barbecued fruit placed atop the dish, the rice itself has bits and pieces of durian within.

The barbecued fruit has a slight smoky texture from the torching it gets, and the fried rice has a distinct sweetness to it, but requesting for an extra saucer of sambal or cili padi will bring forth its savoury taste.

Musang King Nasi Lemak comes with sambal and potato curry.

The Musang King Nasi Lemak is another dish to savour. It is served with the condiments of a typical plate of Nasi Lemak, only this time you get a generous slab of deep-fried durian instead of chicken.

The best way to eat it is to take a generous scoop of the durian, pair it with the sambal and rice before drizzling it with their potato curry.

Salted Egg MSK Durian Chicken with Rice – sweet plus briny makes for a flavourful meal.

Salted egg addicts should give the Salted Egg MSK Durian Chicken with Rice a try as it perfectly blends the briny taste of the egg with the sweetness of durian to create an aromatic and flavourful meal.

Musang King Durian Pizza: Main course or dessert – you decide.

The Musang King Durian Pizza straddles the line between a main course and dessert, and is best suited for newcomers unfamiliar with such unorthodox combinations.

The crispy texture of the crust and the durian topping goes well together and it’s hard to decide if it ought to be eaten on it own as a main meal or an after-meal treat.

MSK Durian Smoothie – delightfully sinful.

Should you desire a brief taste of heaven, skipping out on the MSK Durian Smoothie would be a deadly sin.

Sweet, silky, creamy, delectable – there are just too few words to properly describe this thirst-quenching delicacy.

The soft, sweet and frozen Musang King Durian Softserve.

If you want a quick and refreshing treat on-the-go or a suitable dessert to signal the close of your feast, why not give the soft, sweet and frozen Musang King Durian Softserve a try?

In case your cravings for durian remains unsated, you can take home the cafe’s many durian-themed foodstuffs such as jams, biscuits, sweets and beverages.

This Durian Cake is to die for.

When asked how such a unique establishment first came to be, co-founder, Mdm Memee Chan, said the journey was not easy.

Those who learnt of her plans thought it preposterous. “They even said that I was crazy,” Chan laughed.

Memee Chan, co-founder of Durianity Cafe says she plans to open a second outlet soon, with a drive-through preferably.

However, wishing to cash-in on the ongoing durian craze in China, she persevered and finally, the café of her dreams opened its doors on Jan 1, 2018.

She and her café have since come a long way, being featured on television food programmes such as 8TV’s Ho Chak!

Chan says she plans to open a second outlet soon, with a drive-through preferably.

“I hope there will come a time that when people think of durians, they will immediately think of Durianity.”

Durianity Cafe
G21, IOI Boulevard
Jalan Kenari 6
Bandar Puchong Jaya

Business hours: 11am to 11pm

Pork-free café.

Enquiries and bookings: Call Jenson Phang (Manager) at 012-5228611