World’s tiniest chef tickles Malaysians with his antics

Le Petit Chef promises a show that will thrill diners to bits.

Le Petit Chef has finally arrived in Malaysia and is making a big splash in the dining scene.

Standing at only 58 mm, this little chef is nonetheless big on personality and thrilled diners no end when he made his grand debut at the Elements in Trec recently.

For those who haven’t already seen the viral video, this amazing chef not only cooks up quite a storm, he also harvests his own seafood from the deep ocean and prepares it right before your very eyes… er, on your very plate to be precise.

Thanks to the amazing technology of 3D projection mapping, each diner gets the privilege of watching him on video as a projector installed overhead, shows Le Petit Chef at his cutest and most clumsy as he prances about on your plate, cooking up his meals.

Every diner gets the front row seat to Le Petit Chef’s culinary performance.

Interpreting Le Petit Chef’s 3D creations in real time is Michelin-starred Chef Jeff Ramsey, who by his own admittance loves nothing better than to combine theatrics with his own culinary skills.

Having prepared the meal for the spectacular Santa in the Sky dining experience last year, Chef Ramsey is at his best again, preparing a mouthwatering four-course dinner this time around in honour of Le Petit Chef.

Chef Jeff Ramsey’s interpretation of Le Petit Chef’s dishes were simply divine.

“I love combining theatrics with food, it’s kinda been my story as I’ve developed as a chef and this obviously takes it to the next level.

“It was a bit of a challenge to turn the video into a dish. The food is my interpretation of it. I hope the flavours are clean, beautiful and that you will enjoy it,” he said.

Chef Ramsey has the benefit of growing up in different parts of the world, from Asia Pacific to the West to Southeast Asia, something he says gives him an edge when it comes to the culinary arts.

The Bouillabaisse with morsels of Sea Bream, Hokkaido Scallop and Venus Clam with a crab and prawn bisque and 7 Citrus Beurre Blanc.

The first course of the night, a dish originally from Provence, was a rich and spicy soup called Bouillabaisse. The fresh seafood was exquisite, and the chickpeas gave the soup a creamy texture that was supremely divine.

The jumbo prawn was succulent, sweet and scrumptious.

The appetiser was followed by a dish called Tail Spin. This particular dish saw Le Petit Chef going to great lengths reeling in his catch, only to have everything go to ruin when a giant wave crashes onto the plate, washing the jumbo prawn right back into the sea.

In honour of Le Petit Chef’s tireless efforts, Chef Ramsey cooked-up a dish worthy of any sea-faring hero – a jumbo prawn slathered in generous lashings of butter. Needless to say, this particular dish was heavenly, both in taste and freshness.

The Roasted Aged Chicken Breast was tender and tantalising to the tastebuds.

A Roasted Aged Chicken Breast was served as the main course – prepared with truffle chicken jus and vegetable pot a feu. The crispness of the chicken skin contrasted well with the tenderness of the meat, making this a truly memorable dish.

The Milk and Caramel Fantasy certainly lived up to its name.

Dessert was thoroughly sinful and came in the form of the Milk and Caramel Fantasy – malted vanilla ice-cream, aerated Valrhona dark chocolate and strawberry orange blossom sauce with caramelised white chocolate bavarois. There are absolutely no words to describe just how decadent and delicious it was.

The experience of watching Le Petit Chef at his silliest and most charming followed by a truly superior dinner by Chef Ramsey after, makes this dining experience worth every ringgit you fork out.

To maintain exclusivity, the maximum capacity per session is 36 people.

Chef de Partie: RM299/pax inclusive of a four-course dinner.
Sous Chef: RM499/pax inclusive of a four-course dinner.
Le Grand Chef: RM999/pax inclusive of the five-course dinner.

You can enjoy this fine dining experience every Tuesdays through Sundays – Le Petit Chef rests on Mondays.

Le Petit Chef was conceptualised in Belgium by two local artists in 2015. Soon after, the video capturing the little chef’s antics went viral on YouTube, chalking up over 6.8 million views.

Elements KL and 2spicy entertainment collaborated to bring Le Petit Chef to Malaysia, the first destination in Southeast Asia, chosen for its ever-evolving, experimental restaurant industry.

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