The eels and snakes of Jeli

A signboard announcing the sale of ‘Ikan Keli’ or eels in plastic packets.

If you’re driving down the road in Kelantan on the way to a north Malaysian town called Jeli, be prepared to see some pretty unusual items being sold at the roadside.

One such spine-tingling bit of merchandise turned out to be eels, still alive and writhing around in plastic bags.

While the actual translation of Ikan Keli is catfish, these looked like eels. Maybe the blue plastic container at the foot of the photo was for the catfish.

The vendor apparently caught the eels in a lake beside the road.
This grassy lake is the one where eels swim with abandon, that is at least until they are caught for the grill.

The vendor should consider opening a Japanese grilled eel restaurant here to improve his profit margins.

Later that same day another slithery thing was spotted, draped over a milestone.

Presumably this unfortunate snake (python perhaps?) had been run over while trying to cross the road.

Not something you see every day, even in Malaysia!

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