Macau: Tiniest shop ever serves up a good bowl of porridge

It’s clear that the people of Macao have got life all figured out – instead of shops and restaurants being open to customers all hours of the day, most don’t open for business until almost noon.

And of course, by 8pm it’s time to head home again, so don’t expect late-night suppers either.

This particular kind of lifestyle is probably why the people of Macau enjoy one of the longest life expectancies in the world – they don’t push themselves to work too hard and instead strike a healthy work-life balance.

This tiniest shop ever in Macau serves delicious porridge.

However, some restaurants open early enough to feed those hungry for breakfast like this tiny restaurant named Hap Seng by the corner of R da Felicidade.

In fact, this is the smallest ever restaurant here. Take a look at the video above and you’ll agree.

In one of the smallest round tables ever, three people can be squeezed rather uncomfortably to enjoy a bowl of porridge, and in another rectangular bench the size of an ironing board, two people can be seated.

And that’s about all the space they have.

Hap Seng is manned by a chatty lady, more than happy to show off the fresh ingredients (fish, in this case) that she includes in her porridge.

Besides fish porridge, there’s also porridge with pig innards. Both are cooked on the spot, with the thick, creamy and flavourful congee being the perfect complement to the different types of proteins.

It proved just the thing to warm a hungry belly on a cold morning.

This tiny shop also serves fried noodles (as seen in the video), but you can easily give this a miss and stick to the porridge instead.

Hap Seng Restaurant
2 R da Felicidade, Macau

GPS: 22.193545, 113.537961
Tel: +853 2855 9106

Business Hours: Morning till noon

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