10 fun and unique work-from-home biz ideas

Here are some business suggestions that are fun and unique if you have no idea what kind of business you’d like to start from home (or anywhere but office).

1. Henna designer

As a Henna designer, you’ll always be in demand, especially if you’re highly artistic, neat, and fast at designing. The fastest way to find and gain customers are on Instagram or set up a small shop at your home (or a stall at your town’s night market).

If you’re a mobile henna designer (meaning you go directly to the bride’s or customer’s house as part of your services) and do both Malay and Indian weddings, you’ll earn even more.

How much you can earn: RM300–RM1,000+ a day

Capital needed to start a business: RM250 (for equipment), RM500-RM1000/month (for small stall rental)

2. Gift basket arranger

Skilful at arranging things, wrapping gifts, and love shopping for them? Put your skills to good use by arranging gift baskets for special occasions, be it birthdays, Christmas, or baby showers. Show off your talent in gift wrapping and shopping on social media.

How much you can earn: RM60–RM500+ per gift basket (depending on complexity and size)

Capital needed to start a business: RM50+ (for equipment like gift wrapper, décor, ribbons, or glue)

3. Event planner

Good at multitasking? Becoming an event planner means you’ll deal with lots of vendors to help you create a beautiful and fun-filled event that will be memorable. You must be a creative person with a vision.

How much you can earn: RM500–RM2000+ per event (depending on your skills and experience)

Capital needed to start a business: You’ll need to build a good connection with various vendors, like caterers, party supply and décor stores, entertainers (e.g. clowns or DJ) or bakers. Some styling skill is a plus, and you’ll need to keep up with the latest trends.

4. Mobile spa business

Setting up a spa or a beauty salon is expensive. Why not go directly to your customer’s house to provide your mani and pedi, massage, waxing, makeup, or hair styling services?

Take a leaf from Nails On Wheels, which has gained popularity among busy women.

How much you can earn: RM400–RM1000+ a day (depending on your services)

Capital needed to start a business: RM200+ (for equipment) and a vehicle

5. Private chef

Love cooking? Become someone’s private chef at their home during lunch or dinner time, or whenever you’re needed. You can either go solo by building a presence on social media and setting up a professional website (make it SEO friendly), find a private chef job on platforms like JobStreet, or register with a private chef platform like Take A Chef.

How much you can earn: Depends on your services/how much you charge

Capital needed to start a business: Excellent culinary skills (a knowledge of cooking dishes based on certain dietary needs, like Halal or gluten-free, is a plus as it sets you apart).

6. Gourmet pet food services

Many commercial pet food products sold at markets and pet stores are high in sodium. An excess level of sodium in the diet can cause your pet to become dehydrated.

Just like us, your pets require a balanced diet. Provide gourmet pet food that is nutritional and suitable for a cat or dog.

How much you can earn: RM70–RM300+ per dish

Capital needed to start a business: RM50+ (for ingredients), and you’ll also need to know about which foods that are harmful for animal consumption.

7. Resume writing services

People apply for jobs all the time, so you’ll always be in demand as a resume writer. If you always succeed in getting a job due to your stellar resume writing skills, capitalise on it.

How much you can earn: RM70+ per resume (more if you also do resume design)

Capital needed to start a business: Excellent writing skills and a knowledge in HR

8. Handmade gift maker

People love a personalised gift, and a handmade gift makes it even more special. Sell your creations on an online marketplace for handmade items like Etsy, Camdy, Paslo, KitaKita, or even on your own website.

How much you can earn: Depends on your creations

Capital needed to start a business: Designing or crafting skills is a must

9. Monthly subscription box services

Image source: Peek-a-Box’s Facebook page

Combine your love for shopping and gift giving by creating monthly subscription boxes. They can be anything from beauty products, fashion accessories, books, to food items.

How much you can earn: RM25–RM300+ per box

Capital needed to start a business: Depends on what items you’ll need in the box

10. Food production

Perhaps the costliest type of business to start in this list, food production can be anything from making jams, gluten-free packaged foods, on-the-go soups or broths, gourmet baby food products, or even ice cream.

How much you can earn: Depends on your product pricing

Capital needed to start a business: Depends on what type of food you’ll make

Funding your small business

The cost to start a small business in Malaysia (Sole Proprietorship/Partnership) is RM100+ for registration. Registration can be done at any SSM counter or online via Ezbiz Online services.

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