Alila Ubud: A luxury rainforest vacation

Alila Ubud proves that a vacation in the jungle can be classy and cosy.

Descending from a boutique hotel brand called Two Roads Hospitality, Alila Ubud is a hotel that marries the best of innovative design and luxury.

Offering loads of privacy, exquisite craftsmanship, personalised hospitality and unique “learning” journeys, this hotel provides a refreshing and tranquil atmosphere for its guests that is quite unforgettable.

The Alila Ubud Hotel is surrounded by breathtaking greenery.
The hotel’s lobby is comfortable and cosy – just the perfect spot to lounge in after a tiring day sightseeing.
A hotel guest practises yoga in the open – a unique part of the Alila Ubud experience.
Guests can visit local Balinese villages while staying at Alila Ubud.

This one-of-a-kind hotel is all about “going green”, which means conserving and protecting the environment while encouraging tourism on the island.

Its emphasis as a destination experience allows one to experience the best of Bali. It offers a range of activities, from strolling through beautiful rice paddy fields to participating in gamelan-playing classes.

When hunger strikes, rest assured the beautiful Plantation Restaurant will satisfy with its endless array of scrumptious meals.

Using a farm-to-table concept, guests are served seasonal dishes featuring Balinese recipes by the restaurant’s esteemed chef, Chef Erwan Wijaya.

Each dish on the menu is created from the fresh and natural ingredients grown in the gardens surrounding the hotel.

And if guests are feeling up to it, they can visit the Payangan market or sign-up for an Indonesian cuisine cooking class.

The Plantation Restaurant is surrounded by greenery, providing a serene and tranquil atmosphere as you enjoy a leisurely meal with family or friends.

If you prefer light beverages and snacks instead, the picturesque Cabana Lounge is just the right place for you to unwind.

The Cabana Lounge is the perfect poolside spot for a meal of a lifetime.

Alila Hotels and Resorts also recently introduced its six new Terrace Tree Villas, each with a private entry court and water garden.

All villas are remarkably spacious, boasting a foyer with an outside and inside bathroom connected to a high-ceilinged bedroom leading to a terrace overlooking the lush, verdant Ubud jungle.

One of the bedrooms of the Terrace Tree Villas – pure luxurious comfort.
The terrace of the new villas overlooks a rich, green forest – truly a sight to behold.

With a unique combination of luxurious space and privacy in a natural setting, Alila Ubud promises an unforgettable stay.

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