BMW i3 car-sharing service launched in Warsaw

BMW Malaysia has just launched the latest version of the popular i3 BEV in Malaysia at a price of RM279,000 with a possible electric driving range of 260 km.

With the increased availability of electric car charges (still not near enough to cope with the 22,000 plus PHEV’s in Malaysia), BMW Malaysia should take the lead and introduce an EV car-sharing programme like BMW AG and Innogy go! did in Poland recently.

The city of Warsaw in Poland will host the largest fleet of BMW i3 car sharing in the world when Innogy energy provider launches Innogy go!, the first car-sharing service in the capital.

The fleet will include 500 BMW i3 electric cars, 30 of which are the BMW i3s sporty model. Both models will be equipped with a 94-hh high-voltage battery pack that offers up to 200 km of autonomy. Innogy also offers the necessary charging infrastructure in and around the city.

The car can be hired quickly and easily by customers through Innogy go! The price per minute will be 1.19 zlotys (0.28 euro) for the BMW i3 and 1.49 zlotys (0.35 euro) for the BMW i3s.

Full-day rental costs 239 zlotys (55 euros). The first 15 minutes of the trip cost only one gross (0.01 zlotys).

Not only will this rental price be attractive to the inhabitants of Warsaw, thanks to a new law, electric car drivers in Poland have certain advantages such as free use of bus lanes and free parking in several places that usually charge a high parking fee.

Also, Innogy go! offers a network of 30 fast 50 kW load stations. These will lift the battery charge up to 80% in just 40 minutes of charging.

In addition, customers can load their cars at the public stations operated by Innogy in Warsaw and around it. Innogy go! will show where they are located.

The new car-sharing service helps Warsaw reduce the number of private cars on the road as well as reduce traffic emissions.

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