Gardenista Cafe in Hanoi is brimming with ambience

Gardenista Cafe in French Quarter Hanoi.

When in Hanoi, one absolutely has to visit the many cafes dotting the city. After all, the coffee culture here is unlike any other in all of South East Asia.

While the traditional drip coffee is still “king” around here, there are increasingly more fancy and modern cafes sprouting up as the economic status of people in this country increases.

If you find yourself at the Hoan Kiem Lake Park, as most tourists to Hanoi would, pop into Gardenista Cafe for a spot of coffee and a bit of rest.

Black coffee, extra milk coffee, coconut ice cream coffee.

Gardenista is half green house-half cafe, with plenty of plants both on the floor, standing on the counter, and even hanging from the ceiling.

The interior is separated into three distinct areas, with another outdoor section to boot. This cosy little spot can easily house over a hundred caffeinated souls.

Ambience is as important as taste when it comes to this cafe.

Their standard long black is delicious. And the extra milk coffee definitely has more milk content that your usual latte. But the all-time favourite has got to be their coconut ice cream coffee – whatever you do, give this a try.

While these are all pretty good coffees in their own right, the ambience is what most customers to this cafe are really here for.

It does seem to be the perfect place to unwind with friends or indulge in a good book if you’re there alone.

Gardenista Cafe
2 Lê Thạch, Tràng Tiền
Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

GPS: 21.027078, 105.854083

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