The dating game: Malaysians still a pretty conservative lot

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While today’s generation will always be considered bolder and more outgoing than generations of the past, many surprisingly still hold traditionalist views when it comes to dating.

A survey by Vase, an online market research company that helps brands get insights to consumers and target markets, revealed some pretty interesting facts of how Malaysian men and women tackle dating in today’s world.

Here are their findings…

1. Texts before dates, please

Apparently neither single men nor women fancy asking someone they just met out on a date even if they liked them.

While men proved a tad more confident than women in this respect, both genders – men (35%) and women (34%) – preferred the safer approach of texting before going out on a first date.

What this does show however, is that single Malaysians do not only consider looks but value the potential of a person in terms of their personality and behaviour when it comes to dating.

Understandably, women are more cautious about going out with a man they don’t really know – 17% answered “No” to a first date due to being afraid of strangers.

2. Online dating sites aren’t only for dating

The results also showed both Malaysian men and women used online dating sites and apps for more than just meeting potential dates. Many only sought friendship while the more opportunistic, were happy to use these apps for business as well as pleasure.

75% said dating sites were a great way to make friends while 33% used the app as a networking platform.

3. Open to long distance relationships

Once dreaded, long-distance relationships are becoming more and more acceptable these days thanks largely to technology like Skype and Face Time.

As such, 69% of the those surveyed said they were open to having long-distance relationships.

This was bolstered by the support singles received from writing platforms that have provided advice and tips on how to maintain these kind of relationships.

4. Chivalry still exists

Vase asked both men and women if only men should pay for the first date and more than half (65%) answered yes.

After cross-checking, they discovered that it was mostly the men (75%), who said “Yes” to footing the bill and 54% of women who felt the same.

Interestingly, 32% of women said the bill should be split as opposed to only a fraction of the men (15%).

5. Put a ring on it first

64% of single Malaysians said they would abstain from sex before marriage.

More surprisingly, 69% from this same group also said they would not consider a relationship with someone who already had pre-marital sex.

Secondly, 80% of those surveyed said they would not have sex before marriage even if they were in a serious relationship of over three years.

6. Waiting is not something to be ashamed of

Turns out many Malaysians emphasise the quality of their relationship over their desire for sex with their partners.

Among those who would have pre-marital sex, many said they would still pursue a relationship even if their partner refused to engage in any sexual activity with them.

77% from this group also said they would wait after marriage to have sex if they had met someone absolutely perfect for them.

7. Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)

13% of sexually active Malaysians answered “Yes” to having contracted a form of sexually-transmitted disease at some point in their lives.

Of this group, 24% had Hepatitis B, followed by Crabs (17%) and HIV (15%).

While it is heartening to know that 60% of sexually active Malaysians are aware of STD screening services, 40% were still in the dark about it.

8. Contraception

Condoms were the most used method of birth control (52%) but a shocking 14% still believed the “pull out” method was effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies. Worse still, 19% did not use any form of birth control, leaving them open to getting pregnant.

9. First time

47% of those sexually active said they had sex for the first time before turning 21. Of this group, 11% started having sex in their teens.

The data shows that while Malaysians are a pretty conservative but chivalrous lot, many are still clueless about sex and how to prevent contracting STDs or getting unexpectedly pregnant.