Bukit Engku Busu: A tough but satisfying hike in Lumut

Bukit Engku Busu is 331 metres high and located in Lumut, Perak.

Bukit Engku Busu is a 331-metre high hill in the Perak town of Lumut. There is a well marked trail to the summit.

The hill does not look very high or steep when viewed from the sea but it is more tiring and challenging when attempted.

There are eight stations on the trail, clearly marked on the signage.

Since the base of the hill is almost at sea level it means the height actually climbed is close to 331 metres and the trail goes straight up almost all the way with only a couple of short downhill or flat sections.

There are eight stations on the trail and these are clearly marked with signage. The total distance walked (one way) is 4,500 metres.

It will take a fairly fit person one and a half hours to reach the top and an hour to come down.

The sign on this tree gives the option of trekking either left or right – you decide.

There are a couple of places where you can go left or right. They both end up in the same place so take the route which looks easier to you.

Thick, strong ropes tied to trees along the trail assist hikers on their journey.

Thick, strong ropes have been tied to trees along the trail to assist hikers. Since this hill is just a short distance from the Royal Malaysian Navy base at Lumut, it is likely that the ropes came from the Navy.

Tree roots exposed by weather erosion and climbers’ feet. Not good for the trees but the roots do make it easier to climb.
The giant slab of rock between stations four and five.

Between stations four and five you will reach a giant slab of rock where you have to pull yourself up with the help of ropes (and kind of abseil down on the way back).

If you are not comfortable with this there is an alternative route to the left but it may or may not be any easier.

Great views of Lumut naval base, Boustead Shipyard, Pangkor Island and Damai area.

Before you reach the peak there is a clearing in the jungle from where you can get a great view of the Lumut naval base, Boustead Shipyard, Pangkor Island and the Damai area.

You have reached 1,087 feet.

Finally at the peak you will see a sign, which was broken off and lying on the ground to confirm you have reached 1,087 feet, next to commemorative markers left by other groups of hikers (unless they are the gravestones of those who died on the way).

Enjoy views of the Manjung River.

There is a picnic table at the top and a communications mast. There is also another opening with views over the Manjung River.

It was a good hike. Hard work but satisfying at the end.

How to get to Bukit Engku Busu

A sign at the trailhead explains that the hill was named after Raja Engku Busu of Selangor who was invited by the Sultan of Perak in the 1840s to help get rid of pirates who were rife in this area at the time.

From the Lumut Waterfront, drive along Jalan Raja Musa. You will pass the Orient Star Resort on your right followed by the police station.

Turn left opposite the police station and head towards some condominium blocks. Follow the road to the end where you will see the sign. Park here and follow the trail.

This article first appeared in malaysia-traveller.com