Dim Sum to die for in Macau

Beef tripe, Char Siu Pao and steamed pork ribs are all you need for a hearty and delicious meal.

When in Macau or Hong Kong, one of the delicacies you simply must have is Dim Sum.

And the best place to have it is at Long Wah Tea House, one of the more established Dim Sum restaurants in Macau.

Long Wah Tea House in Macau serves up some of the best Dim Sum in this part of the world.

The restaurant is located in a corner shop on the first floor at the northern side of the peninsular, pretty close to the border of China.

Unlike most restaurants in Macau, this one is actually rather spacious, meaning you don’t have to put up with jostling crowds elbowing you for a table or munching loudly right next to your ear.

The modus operandi here is self-service. You start off by choosing the type of tea you want from the eight different varieties they serve, then help yourself to the Dim Sum of your choice at the Dim Sum steamer by one side of the wall.

There are also pots of flowers by the balcony, giving the restaurant a somewhat classic, relaxing ambience.

If you get there late, say around 1 pm, which is at the tail-end of their business hour, there will probably be only a few Dim Sum left to pick from.

So this time, it was the Char Siu Pao, beef tripe, and steamed pork ribs – everything else was wiped off.

The Dim Sum was superb, with the tripe deliciously soft and flavourful, and the ribs beautifully prepared.

The Char Siu Pao though could have come with more Char Siu, but even so, it was still pretty good.

Choose your favourite tea from the eight varieties available.

Long Wah Tea House
3 R. Norte do Mercado Alm. Lacerda, Macau

GPS: 22.205734, 113.545040
Hours: 7 am to 2 pm

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