The therapeutic effect of tending to a horse

For Noorisyam Mahmod, owning a horse is a special hobby that has a therapeutic effect on him. (Bernama pic)

KOTA BHARU: Most Malaysians may not be aware, but owning or rearing horses is part of a tradition among Kelantanese.

Some take it for fun while others make it into a profitable business.
For Kelantan horse owner, Noorisyam Mahmod, 46, owning a horse is a special hobby that has a therapeutic effect on him.
He said he sensed the feeling since he starting raising a horse named Sabiq, he bought 10 years ago for RM5,000.
“At first I thought the price was expensive then but I decided to buy Sabiq because I like his coat colour as well as his height and stout body.
“I named him Sabiq which means the one at the forefront in the hope that he will always be at the forefront in any competition,” he told Bernama in Kubang Kerian here today.
Noorisyam also admitted that he grew fonder of Sabiq each day and as seeing Sabiq would be good enough to cheer him up.
“Spending time with Sabiq helps me to reduce my stress after work as a civil servant, he seems to understand our conversation and will approach me when I called his name. It is a pleasure,” he said.
The father of four said he spends at least three hours each day to tend to Sabiq to keep his beloved horse in good and healthy condition.
He also happy with his decision to buy Sabiq because he often won in the horse racing competition and horse pageant in several states since the horse was three years old.
To add it up, Noorisyam also got to know more acquaintances ever since he started to bring Sabiq to participate in various competitions.
“Most horse owners recognise me as ‘Poksan Sabiq’. It was a pleasing name because it will always remind me of Sabiq,” he said.
To ensure the continuity of Sabiq’s breed, he has carried out horse breeding of the stallion with a various breed of mares and up to now, he has 20 offsprings.
However, Sabiq has been relieved from participating in any racing events following an injury he suffered as well as the age factor as he is now almost 10 years old.
“I hope Sabiq could live longer and although he has a fairly large number of offsprings none will be as same as Sabiq,” he added.
In concluding the conversation, Noorisyam said he has the intention to expand his hobby by rearing more horses as well as delving into horse breeding in the future.