Dash cam exposes inadequacies at car service centre

A customer’s dash cam reveals suspicious goings on inside a car service centre.

Most people put a lot of trust in an official car service centre. Perhaps a little too much trust. Many assume that because the reputation of the brand is at stake, personnel at these service centres will be serious about carrying out their responsibilities.

However we have been hearing complaints from dsf.my readers and our own friends to the contrary.

Recently this incident happened. A customer detected foul play because he himself is a professional mechanic. He checked the footage on his dash cam and what he found was strange and upsetting.

The scheduled service began as usual. He was promised, among other things, that the car would be washed cleaned and vacuumed.

Upon receiving the car, he found no cleanup had been done inside nor had the car been washed. Furthermore the entire service had taken less time than previous visits.

This made him suspicious so he took a look at his dash cam footage to see what had happened. It turns out there were a few red flags, the most disturbing being a whole segment of footage was missing.

File picture of a service technician at work.

The dash cam he had purchased and installed had its own built in battery and motion detector. Any movement would trigger it to start recording.

However, no aspect of the service being carried out could be found on its memory card. The footage showed the car being driven into the service area and continued as it left the service centre.

When he got someone to recover the “lost” footage, he found a clip showing the service personnel removing his dash cam from the car to delete footage of the service period.

Even more alarming, the recovered footage captured mechanics and salespeople doing highly inappropriate things with customer’s cars.

Why would personnel tasked with taking care of a car have any reason to remove his footage? This is highly suspicious behaviour.

Although DSF reached out to the brand concerned, it has not responded except to insist that the service was carried out properly.

File picture of an oil change.

They have called and offered to meet with the aggrieved car owner, but no offer was made to carry out a proper replacement service or any other form of compensation for his inconvenience and wasted time.

For the sake of public interest DSF will continue to seek a solution and escalate this matter to the brand’s higher-ups if necessary.

How can you avoid a similar fate? We recommend that you purchase a good quality motion-detecting dash cam and insist on seeing the replaced parts and empty lubricant bottles after each service.

Additionally put a small mark on your oil filter before servicing. If it’s still there after the service, you’ll know it wasn’t replaced.

To be fair, there are plenty of good mechanics who work independently and are proud of their work.

They may not serve you coffee or provide an air-conditioned waiting room, but they are honest and understand the importance of maintaining good customer relations. This is where you should be sending your car.

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