The invincible Toyota Hilux

Switch on your TV and turn to any global news channel and chances are if there is a war ravaged town in the Middle East, an earthquake in Indonesia, a village bombing in Sudan or even a military coup in Africa, somewhere in the chaos there is a Toyota Hilux or Toyota Hiace being used to help civilians, ferrying aid workers or the sole vehicle taking on the harsh terrain head-on.

These are the legendary capabilities of the Toyota Hilux in all its splendor.

Recently 2 Toyota Hilux pick-ups were tasked to reach the northernmost human settlement in Eurasia. They not only achieved it but established a Guinness record in the process. The two off-road vehicles traveled 600 kilometers in snow and ice on a 10-day expedition involving six men.

The expedition began in January 2018 in the Russian town of Norilsk, and ended 10 days later in Dikson, with them undergoing many challenges including having their tires cut by ice.

The most complicated part of the route was through the Arctic part of Russia and through the Kara Sea glaciers, with the last 30 kilometers taking an entire day to travel. The air temperature reached -57° C, but with a wind factor of 17 m /s it felt more like -70° C.

Standard Toyota pick-ups with 2.4 and 2.8-liter turbo diesel engines were used for the expedition. The additions were limited to the installation of MAXXIS NS5 PREMITRA ICE NORD tires, extra headlights and a small bull-bar for radiator protection.

In keeping with Guinness Book of records requirements, field machines can not be fitted with double glazing or additional differentials.

A point of interest is that the town of Dikson was founded on 7 September 1915 on an island. The name was taken from Swedish traveler and merchant Oscar Dikson (1823-1897). There is an airport with a concrete track and it is the northernmost seaport in the Russian Federation.

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