How to cut travel costs to KLIA when taking a flight

Rather than drive to KLIA, consider taking the Skybus instead and parking at 1Utama. (Facebook pic)

When taking a short trip outstation, rather than park your car overnight in KLIA because it’s cheaper and quicker than taking a Grab or taxi, a better option is taking the SkyBus and parking your car in 1Utama instead.

The SkyBus is only RM15 while the parking costs, just RM4 per day. That’s not all, you also get to rest during the journey because driving yourself to the airport and back, which is on average 60 km each way, can easily take up to two hours.

Don’t forget toll charges which are RM16.80 from Sg Buloh to KLIA and back. The parking per day (24 hours) in KLIA is RM46. KLIA has a special rate from the fourth day onwards at RM20 per day.

There’s also another option in the Long Term Car Park area where you will need to take a shuttle from the car park to KLIA. That’s RM32 per day.

Grab’s offer is RM65 per trip and that’s RM130 to and fro. Fuel consumption for a 9.5-year-old Persona is 7.5 litres per 100km or thereabouts.

So, it’s roughly 16 sen per km for RM2.10 RON 95 fuel. 16 sen x 120km = RM19.20

So, if you are driving on a short business trip and park your car for one night in KLIA, the total cost will be RM16.80 + RM46 + RM19.20 + two hours travelling time = RM82 and two hours travelling time.

This is in stark contrast to parking at 1Utama and taking the SkyBus. In terms of cost, that equals to RM4 + RM15 + two hours of extra time on the bus as you enjoy the scenery, read the news on your smartphone or take a nap.

The downside is of course, having to check if the bus schedule coincides with your flight time or not. Not forgetting the need to start your journey a little earlier just in case.

While this may not be the best option for residents of Puchong or Cyberjaya, those living in Damansara benefit greatly for this second option.

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