Mia Larsson and & Other Stories are recycling oyster shells into jewellery

The brand & Other Stories is collaborating with designer Mia Larsson for a collection of sustainable jewelry made from oyster shells. (Pic courtesy of Mia Larsson Other Stories)

STOCKHOLM: Fashion retailer & Other Stories is collaborating with jewellery designer Mia Larsson on a sustainable jewellery collection, made in part from oyster shells. The capsule collection will be available in select locations and online at www.stories.com starting May 21.

Mia Larsson, known for giving a second life to raw materials extracted from the sea, is designing a sustainable jewellery capsule collection for H&M Group brand & Other Stories. And with pieces made from recycled oyster shells, the collection is sure to please those looking for original jewellery.

More specifically, the pieces from the capsule were entirely made from recyclable and biodegradable materials. Oyster shells, sources from a Stockholm seafood restaurant, were cleaned then shaped by hand, then complemented with recycled silver.

“I think that oyster shell jewellery pieces are true treasures that elevate our outfits, and that they are just as precious as fine jewellery pieces. When we wear them, they transform us and turn themselves into precious stones. What’s more, each shell is unique,” said Mia Larsson.

The capsule will be composed of seven pieces, including earrings, rings, a necklace, and a barrette. It will be complemented by a ready-to-wear line by & Other Stories, also inspired by the treasures of the sea.

The “Mia Larsson & Other Stories” collection will be available from May 21 in the brand’s stores and e-shop. Pricewise, expect to pay between €59 for earrings and €129 for a ring.