Always feeling bitter and negative? You need to read this

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As human beings we are susceptible to feelings and emotions. Happiness, anger, love and hate all belong to this aspect. This article lists the 9 mental habits that will eventually turn you bitter over time.

Not forgiving others

Forgiving someone does not necessarily make their wrong-doing lesser. It just means that you allow yourself not to be haunted by their mistakes anymore. Forgiving can indeed decrease your stress, depression and hostility while improving your self-esteem and physical wellness.

Not forgiving yourself

Not forgiving yourself for past wrongdoings makes your life bitter. Instead of dwelling on the past, try and do more good now. After all, tomorrow is another day.

All-or-none thinking

All-or-none thinking is the kind of mindset that makes you focus on wrongs rather than rights. This outlook only makes you see the bad or dark side of people, things, places and actions.

Holding others to a higher standard than yourself

If you are constantly disappointed by people, there is a possibility that you are setting overly rigid standards for their behavior that you do not apply to yourself. As a matter of fact, you become the hardest and most disappointed person.

Believing that things will never get better

When there is no hope, there is no life. If you are living your life believing that things will stay as bad as they are without getting better, then you are throwing away your time and your life.

Believing you have less control over your life than you really do

If you do not have control over your life, then who does? Stop running away from your responsibilities and being fearful. Taking up something new and exciting is a cool way to regain awareness and take control of your life.

Believing the myth of arrival

The myth of arrival believes that everything will fall into place when the right time comes. This is a very devastating mindset. How long can you keep waiting for something that is probably never going to happen?


Overgeneralizing is the theory that if you fail at one particular thing, you will keep failing at everything else for the rest of your life. This is the main culprit for stress, depression and suicide.

Not practicing gratitude

Being grateful for even the smallest little things that take place in your life can indeed make you feel alive and meaningful.

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