Mercedes-Benz launches X-Classes Element Edition pickup in the UK

Mercedes-Benz unveiled its X-Class pickup concept in Stockholm, Sweden in October 2016. (Mercedes-Benz pic)

On Monday, Mercedes-Benz announced the launch of a limited-edition Element trim for its turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine-equipped X-Class Progressive pickup.

A new trim based on the Progressive model trim has become available for the X-Class pickup featuring a handsome collection of cosmetic enhancements and extras.

The Element Edition pickup will feature a new black roof liner, a set of 19-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels, an Element livery, and a Sports bar in addition to the added Sports Pack which includes LED head- and tail lights, privacy glass running boards and roof rails.

On the inside, users will benefit from the addition of the Mercedes-Benz Comfort pack which reupholsters the seating in Artico leather.

This trim option was created in response to the success of the STORM Edition last November which featured similar upgrades.

The Mercedes-Benz Element Edition of the Progressive X-Class pickup will be available exclusively in the UK for business lease on May 1 starting at £459 a month with a 36-month agreement.