A 24/7 professional caregiver is a valuable asset

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Families often turn to nursing homes, so-called “old folks homes,” or other types of residential care when their loved one has reached the point of requiring round-the-clock care or daily care. It’s those times when occasional care just won’t do, or if you need someone to look after your loved one when you are at work, travelling, or outside the country. It’s a tough decision, and one many wish they didn’t have to make.

Luckily, families can avoid the headaches involved in moving a loved one away from home by obtaining 24/7 live-in care or daily care while they’re at work, and it isn’t that expensive if they choose wisely.

Live-in care is just that: Professional caregivers are available at all times throughout the day and night. Many caregivers live full-time with the people they care for, a month or two at a time or even longer if needed.

These aren’t maids mind you, they are trained and certified professional caregivers. They’ll do a little bit of everything from light cooking to cleaning to helping your loved one get around the house to giving medication, using the toilet and providing companionship. A caregiver’s main concern is ensuring the well-being and safety of your elderly who needs care.

Here are a few key reasons 24/7 care may be right for your elderly loved one:

Being at home

Their home has everything they are familiar with from personal mementoes to an environment the elderly person is comfortable with.

Remaining in a place they recognise as their own familiar space is a major benefit for people needing live-in care. This is better if the person is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia, or other illnesses for which new surroundings might prove difficult to adjust to. Just being familiar with where things are is enough to keep an elderly person at home.

Personalised care.

Nursing homes, though staffed with care professionals around-the-clock, simply can’t provide the same level of attention a dedicated, live-in professional would be able to provide. Nursing homes do provide the best service they can, but their staff are often kept busy with 30 or more patients at any given time. Sadly, many nursing homes feel more like hospitals than homes. With live-in care, you are certain the care professional is only dedicated to your needs, 24/7.

The value of Companionship

When retaining live-in care, the level of attention and companionship your loved one receives is far better than what they would get in a nursing home, and therefore a much better value for your hard-earned money.

Care that is Continuous

It can be difficult to get comfortable with their caregiver when they receive numerous caregivers as is often the case in a nursing home. For that reason, the care your elderly loved one receives will be done the same way each time and your caregiver will become very familiar with the person’s particular needs.

Peace of mind

Not only does having someone stay 24/7 have safety and trust benefits, it also reduces the burden on family members too. This means everyone in your home can get a good and restful night’s sleep.

A happier, better quality of life

By remaining at home, it’s easier for people to maintain their lifestyles. They can keep up their social activities, have friends and family visit, and they maintain their sense of belonging knowing that for as long as they live, they’ll always be at home.

Many people who go into a nursing home or other types of residence feel isolated and feel the loss of their freedom or they feel lonely. No one wants their elderly loved one to feel that way. It’s tough enough just getting older.

Family Involvement

Having your own caregiver makes it easier for the family to keep track of a person’s progress, address issues that arise immediately and be in touch whenever you want as your caregiver is right in your home.

Remember you don’t have to go it alone. There are many resources online. In fact, there are a few Facebook groups focused on senior care and resources including Seniors Aloud and Ageing Alone Malaysia. Good luck!

This article was written by Andrew Mastrandonas, Co-founder & CEO of Pillar (www.pillarcare.com) and reviewed by Dr Lim Geng Yan (MD). Pillar provides a range of elderly home caregiving services, sending trained and certified professional caregivers and nurses to clients’ homes. For more information please visit https://care.pillarcare.com/fmtpromo