3 reasons why you need a personal trainer

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While having the discipline to go to the gym regularly is commendable, you may still be doing yourself a disservice in terms of achieving the body you aspire to have if you’re working out alone.

Engaging a personal trainer to guide you through the process is a better option as they can tailor-make the workout based on your specific needs.

Personal trainers also have the specific function of sustaining focus on your workout through fact-based advice on fitness, health and nutrition.

Here are three key reasons why engaging a personal trainer is still your best bet.

1. Training well isn’t that easy. Movements done in the gym are not natural for humans. We have evolved to run, throw and climb, not to do jump squats and lat pulldowns.

Gym movements are “hacks” that personal trainers created to target muscle growth in the most efficient way possible.

As a result, these exercises need careful instruction and execution. Many think watching Instagram videos of people doing workouts enables them to copy the movements they’re watching.

Some watch YouTube videos and read articles. Yet the majority of those who try these exercises don’t achieve the intended results. They look nothing like the model in the videos.

The routines are not right for your body type. Different people have different physical structures and lifestyles. This results in different movements suitable for their limb ratios and muscle imbalances. A personal trainer is trained to assess these things.

They will ensure that the exercise programme you’re using is suitable for optimising your progress. You will engage your muscles better and your development will fix posture issues caused by life outside of the gym.

You’re not using the right muscles to perform the exercises. Most videos online feature advanced athletes and coaches who know exactly which muscle is being targeted and how to focus on using it.

A good personal trainer is able to provide you with intuitive “cues” during training. These are phrases that encourage you to think about adjusting your movement to engage the correct muscles.

The right cues vary from person to person, so it’s up to the expertise and experience of the personal trainer to adjust the instructions given.

2. Accountability. The key to health and fitness is consistency. Progress is the result of showing up and training regularly at the right frequency.

Many struggle with getting themselves to the gym, but if you’ve paid in advance for someone to be there with you, it becomes very expensive to skip that session. You are thus forced to give your health and training the priority it deserves in your schedule.

With a freelance personal trainer there’s very little chance of them canceling the session on you. They have no monthly base salary to rely on and receive over twice the commission of those at commercial gyms, so each session is equally important to them.

Once you’re in the gym, there are two temptations they will keep you away from:

Insufficient intensity. Many don’t push themselves hard enough. It is true that any exercise is better than none. Movement alone will result in better health and burn calories for weight loss.

If you are trying to make significant changes to their body though, you need to push your body past your comfort zone.

Working with a personal trainer gives you a good idea of what training intensity levels for your goals should be, and keeps you on track to maintaining it.

Excessive variety. Yes, changing exercises is essential for achieving complete muscle growth, but you can’t get good at something if you don’t practice it.

If you’re changing the exercises you do every session, you will never allow your brain to learn and progress.

Programme design is a key skill of a good personal trainer and ensures balance. You need consistency for strength gains, yet variety to keep forcing adaptation.

3. Teamwork. You’re now no longer on this journey alone. Someone is alongside you encouraging you every step of the way to keep going and reminding you to keep pushing forward.

Due to them earning higher commissions, freelance personal trainers can afford to coach fewer clients than commercial trainers. So, whilst you’re dealing with the stress of life outside of the gym, they’re reviewing your training and diet and finding ways to get you over the next hurdle.

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