‘Twisted Metal’ car game confirmed for TV show

Eight core games and two spin-offs comprise the ‘Twisted Metal’ franchise, this 2012 PS3 game its most recent entry. (Sony Online Entertainment pic)

LOS ANGELES: PlayStation Productions, the new film and TV division set up to adapt PlayStation video games, is looking to convert car combat game “Twisted Metal,” with help from “Crank” and “Happy!” director Brian Taylor.

A TV show based on 10-title video game franchise “Twisted Metal” is in development according to Sony Pictures’ Chairman and CEO, Tony Vinciquerra, IGN reports.

“We have a TV show we just agreed to get underway,” Vinciquerra told a group of investors during a May 21 presentation, shortly after PlayStation Productions had been announced.

The franchise debuted in 1995 on the original PlayStation console and was characterised by a weaponised ice cream truck operated by a psychotic clown called Sweet Tooth.

Its story mode saw players battle to survive a series of gladiatorial rounds in order to be granted a wish, no matter how generous or impossible, by the tournament organiser.

Speculatively speaking, the franchise’s last-person-standing format combined with its anarchic theming suggests that an episodic TV adaptation could fit somewhere between “The Purge” and “Mad Max,” within a “Fortnite”-style Battle Royale format.

Vinciquerra also acknowledged the ongoing and “advanced” development of a movie based on the “Uncharted” franchise.

The film project is currently associated with director Dan Trachtenberg, of bunker-based post-apoc thriller “10 Cloverfield Lane,” a “Black Mirror” episode called Playtest (in which a temp employee works on a survival horror game), and Sony Pictures’ anti-superhero series “The Boys,” due on Amazon Prime Video in July.

Before “10 Cloverfield Lane,” he was known for directing video game homage “Portal: No Escape” and for his participation in film, TV, games and comics podcast “The Totally Rad Show.”