Adopt a dog: They did and loved it, now you can too

The Voice for Paws’ Adoption Drive will once again be held in Bangsar, tomorrow from 11am-4pm.

PETALING JAYA: Still mulling over the idea of adopting a furkid? While it’s understandably a big step, having a little bundle of unconditional love to share your life with is a heartwarming and memorable experience as the stories below clearly show.

Each adult dog or puppy was adopted from Voice for Paws either during one of their adoption drives or through appeals on social media.


She was abandoned in an empty house while pregnant. Thankfully her pups have been adopted.

Physically abused and abandoned by her human family while pregnant, Scruffy took a long time to trust people again. However, she was rescued by Voice by Paws from the empty house she was left in, and adopted by Romilla whose family fell in love with her immediately.

Scruffy has found happiness and love with Romilla and her family.

“Scruffy is the sweetest, most beautiful dog ever. I cannot understand why anyone would hurt her. Adopting her was the best thing we did. I would recommend that people give dogs like her a chance and open their homes to these beautiful souls,” says Romilla.


Shadow lived as a stray for over two years before finding his forever home with a kind and loving family.

Rescued along with his pack by one of our very own FMT staff and her family, Shadow was targeted by ruthless people to be used as crocodile bait. A few in his pack were sadly captured.

After being vaccinated and neutered, Shadow was fostered by kind people and got to experience many “firsts” – sitting on a couch, sleeping on a bed, playing in an air-conditioned room and enjoying car rides.

He’s now happy with his forever family who love him to bits. “It’s hard to believe Shadow has been a stray all his life. He is very affectionate and extremely intelligent.

“He has only been with us three weeks, but has already become an important part of our lives,” says Shadow’s adopter.

Floppy and Poppy

Poppy and Floppy were inseparable at first but now live happily with families who shower them with love.

These adorable sisters were literally thrown out from a moving car in a box. Thankfully, a Voice For Paws member saw the incident and quickly rushed to their aid.

After receiving a clean bill of health, both were adopted by two loving families who already had dogs of their own so neither would feel alone.

Poppy has a Beagle sibling now and loves Jacqueline to bits.

“Poppy is my little ‘lovebug’… she can’t stop giving kisses to everyone she meets. When I am sick or in pain, she just knows and cuddles with me. Ever since Poppy ‘popped’ into my life, it’s been a whirlwind of laughter, joy and contentment.

“She is my buddy… my family… my live firecracker that lights up my darkest days. Wouldn’t trade her for anything in this world,” says Jacqueline Chan.

Sara, Craig, Romeo and Floppy are now a complete family.

Sara and Craig Morraies adopted Floppy who has settled right in with their other adopted dog, Romeo.

“Adopting Floppy has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. Being a first time owner, I was a bit nervous and unsure what to expect. Luckily, Sarah already had Romeo and helped me along the way.

“However, I don’t think either of us were prepared fully for this bundle of joy. Two pairs of glasses, three pairs of shoes, two phone chargers, and a few bags later, and not once have we regretted bringing Floppy into our lives.

“The excitement and love she gives when you walk through the door is just priceless,” says Craig.

Maybe your best buddy is waiting for you

These puppies and adult dogs are looking for their happy endings with kind families who will take them in.

These five puppies are two months old, dewormed and vaccinated. They were rescued from an abandoned house.
These six puppies are two months old, dewormed and vaccinated. They were rescued from an oil palm plantation.
This is Meenu – four months, vaccinated but not spayed as she’s too young. She was rescued from a monsoon drain where she was crying for two days.
This is Rocco. One year old, fully vaccinated, dewormed, neutered. He was rescued from a housing area where strays were being poisoned.
This is Whitey. One year old, fully vaccinated, dewormed and neutered. He was rescued from a housing area where strays were being killed using inhumane ways.
This is the docile and loving Buddy. Nine years old, fully vaccinated, dewormed, neutered and looking to retire in a loving home.
This is Brownie. Eight years old, fully vaccinated, neutered and dewormed. Rescued from a neighbourhood where poachers were catching dogs as crocodile bait.

For those of you who want to support the cause but cannot adopt, you can do your part by donating bags of rice or kibbles for their rescued dogs.

There are many more loving dogs looking for forever homes. So do come over this Sunday and spend some time with them – who knows, your new family member might just be among them.

Voice for Paws’ Adoption Drive
Jalan Telawi (in front of Hong Leong Bank)
Sunday, May 26
11:00am – 4:00pm

Contact: Navwin 012-284 2323 for further inquiries.