Do property agents earn a basic salary? The answer will surprise you

What is the basic monthly salary of a property agent? Frankly, if you want to earn a basic salary each month, it’s best you find employment in a company that provides you with such.

The fringe benefits will be plenty too. You will not need to worry about whether you have enough to pay the monthly bills. And your salary will be credited directly into your account.

And every year, even assuming you carried out the same job responsibilities and did not upgrade your skills set, you will likely still receive an increment unless the company is in bad shape financially.

If you were an outstanding employee that year, you may get a bigger increment than your peers, and possibly a promotion. So someone with a salary of RM10,000 per month with an increment of 6% will receive RM600 extra every month.

If the company continues to do well, employees will be invited to the company’s annual dinner, and if times are really good, many may even enjoy the privilege of going on a company trip.

This option is “sheltered”, meaning it’s good for many but may be considered too stable for some.

For those yearning for a higher salary in a shorter timeframe, then perhaps a real estate negotiator (REN) and later real estate agent are the ideal jobs for you.

But let’s address the question of how much of a basic salary these individuals earn. Simply put, there is no basic salary for a real estate negotiator. Some agencies do provide a small allowance but that’s about it.

How well the individual performs will be reflected in how high the commission payout is. Everything depends on following the advice of the mentors in the agency and giving every job your best shot.

As to what should real estate negotiators do as soon as they join, this article “New RENs? Your friends should buy / sell via you” that will shed some light on it.

There are many real estate negotiators whose holidays are either paid for by the agencies they work in (due to their outstanding performance) or paid for themselves (because of super high commissions).

Conversely, there are many real estate negotiators who quit after a few months.

Perhaps three qualities distinguish real estate negotiators from others in the workforce.

  • Courage (hey, there is no basic salary)
  • Discipline (work, work and continue working)
  • Resourcefulness (learn, network and expand)

There are no rights or wrongs. Be happy with whatever job you choose and just enjoy it.

So, to answer the many curious people out there who want to know how much a real estate negotiator can earn, just remember this – every time you read about one business beating the odds and making it big, bear in mind that there are many others that are performing just so-so, and many more that fail completely after some time.

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Charles Tan blogs at property investment site kopiandproperty. He dislikes property speculators and disagrees that renting is better than buying. He thinks it’s either property or poverty. He is presently the CEO of an auction house auctioning assets beyond just properties.