Top 10 tips for ageing better and living longer

Death and taxes are two things we all have to face in life even if we dread it. While Pillar cannot help with taxes, there are ways to age better. Here’s what a variety of experts say, both young and old.

1. Watch what you eat and drink. Eating too much and drinking too much alcohol likely won’t help you live healthily.

2. Look after your teeth. Yes, bad teeth can mean bad things for the rest of your body so go see your dentist today if it’s been a while.

3. Get good sleep. This is so important. Seven to eight hours of sleep per night revitalises your body, keeps colds and other viruses away and helps you make the most of your day.

4. Quit smoking. Really? You’re still smoking? Give that up immediatately. Smoking kills.

5. Be social. Loneliness not only impacts your mental health, it can also lead to physical illnesses. Chatting and socialising with others keeps you connected.

Also, learn to laugh more. While there is no medical science to suggest this will keep you healthy, a good laugh lightens the soul.

6. Get a health screening. Having a blood test done once or twice a year isn’t a bad idea as you age. These tests can spot something you weren’t aware of or help you avoid illnesses later on.

7. Keep active. Running, walking, light stretching, or even lifting weights is really important for a healthier, happier and longer life. So, just do it.

8. Take vitamins. Getting a multi-vitamin boost can help you. For example, a deficiency in Vitamin D can lead to cognitive deficiencies, bone issues or heart problems. At a minimum, get out in the sun for 15-20 minutes a day.

9. See your doctor. As youngsters, it’s natural to think you’re invincible. Now you know that’s not true. It’s important to get regular checkups to ensure you’re where you need to be in terms of your health.

10. Check your meds. Have you been taking the same medicines for a long period? Do you take more than two pills a day? It might be time to see your doctor to ensure your medicine regimen still works for you. Perhaps the combination of medicines is no longer serving you well? Or, maybe there are some medicines you simply don’t need any longer.

This article was written by Andrew Mastrandonas, Co-founder and CEO of Pillar ( and reviewed by Dr Lim Geng Yan (M.D). Pillar provides a range of elderly home caregiving services, sending trained and certified professional caregivers and nurses to clients’ homes. For more information please visit