Postpone the wedding honey, Arsenal’s in the finals

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As Tottenham Hotspur prepare for an adrenaline-filled final against Liverpool in Madrid, data from reveals the astonishing lengths to which Malaysians would go to for football, including:

Football over funerals: 32% of Malaysian football fans admit that they have missed a wedding to go to a live football game and 10% shamelessly admit they have skipped a funeral in favour of footie.

Dessert gets deserted: 24% would skip dessert for a month to watch a football game live.

Births gets benched: 10% of Malaysian men reveal that they would miss the birth of their child, given the chance to attend the Champions League Final.

Not cruising for a boozing

Swapping booze for balls: 33% of Malaysian millennials would happily give up drinking for a month to watch a live football game.

Loca about language: 46% know at least 3-4 foreign language phrases for ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’ through watching football.

Friends, what friends? A whopping 53% of Malaysians would miss a night out with their friends to watch a live football game.

There’s no doubt that the UEFA Champions League Final is an exhilarating football season. So exciting in fact that the Expedia Group actually studied football travel trends and launched Destination: Football.

The study lists the great extent Malaysians would go to for football. This includes missing someone’s birthday (36%), an anniversary (15%) and even a funeral (10%) in order to catch a live game.

Football fans clearly have their priorities in order, with 50% skipping work at some point to make sure they don’t miss a Zlatan Zinger or a Ronaldo Ripper.

Missing an occasional wedding every now and then may be excused, but 6% of Malaysians fans would miss their own honeymoon, 8% would miss their own wedding and 27% would even miss the birth of their child to watch a live football game!

The love of the beautiful game doesn’t stop there. Netflix and Chill is officially over for 22% of Malaysian millennials, who would pass on passion and swap a romp in the hay for a live game.

In fact, Malaysian millennial football fans will stop at nothing to be there when their team plays, watching an average of seven games a season, three of which are away.

Then there are the seriously committed fans, with 6% of Malaysians millennials claiming they see between 17 – 20 games every season.

Women are equally if not more football crazy

Not to be outdone, Malaysian female fans take the sport more seriously than their male counterparts with 48% of women compared to 36% of men planning their annual leave around football games.

While on holiday, 42% of local females would change their evening plans to go somewhere football is being shown. Thought women are more romantic? 17% of local female fans would be willing to sacrifice their own anniversary celebrations for football compared to 14% of men.

Adam Jay, President of, said, “The commitment of football fans to their teams is quite amazing. Whether it’s missing anniversaries or shirking best man duties, football fans want to follow their team everywhere”.

Indeed when it comes to football travel, Malaysian fans spare no expense on their itinerary. In addition to being passionate football fans, Malaysians are also huge culture appreciators.

The cultured football fan

9 out of 10 football fans in Malaysia consider themselves cultured travellers when overseas. Pampering oneself on holiday also takes precedence.

Malaysians would much rather relax on a beach (65%), visit a museum (52%) and make friends with the locals (48%) when overseas.

While some fans seem to enjoy the finer things in life, others prefer more adventure as 75% of Malaysians would try eating unusual local food when travelling to watch a football match.

Local football fans are perfectly content dining on burgers and fries with 50% rather visiting a fast food joint over a high-end restaurant (25%) when overseas. is the most rewarding way to book a place to stay. With hundreds of thousands of places around the world and 90 local websites in 41 languages, has it all.