4 last-minute shopping tips for a panic-free Hari Raya

Left shopping for Hari Raya till the last minute again? (Freepik pic)

Every year, you promise yourself you won’t wait till the last minute to do your Hari Raya shopping. But once again, it’s the week before Hari Raya and you haven’t done a thing yet.

Before you fly into panic shopping mode, check out these four last-minute shopping tips. You’ll find everything you need with time to spare, and nobody on your list will know you procrastinated yet again.

1. Make a list

We all love to shop. Whether we want to admit it or not, shopping has the ability to make us feel good about ourselves.

Face it, there’s a little “shopaholic” in all of us. Some are extreme, others are more toned down.

But whichever you are, making a shopping list before heading out the door is always a smart move.

It simply makes more sense to sit down for half an hour researching the things you want to buy and the areas you want to shop in, than to rush out of the house with absolutely no plan formulated for the shopping trip.

By researching where to buy certain items, when to buy them and ensuring that they won’t be sold out when you get there, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of hassle.

2. Shop online to avoid crowds

Shopping online means saying goodbye to long queues that eat into your precious time. (Freepik pic)

The top reason to avoid last-minute Hari Raya shopping never changes – the maddening crowds. Stores are packed, traffic is terrible and what you intended to be a short trip can easily turn into a day-long affair.

So why not skip the crowds and look online first? You will have your items within the required time.

Convenience is also one of the biggest perks. You are likely to enjoy shopping online because there are no long queues to wait in.

Besides, online shopping gives you the opportunity to shop 24/7 and many stores offer expedited shipping to ensure your goods arrive on time.

But don’t risk cutting it too close, order as soon as possible to avoid any delivery issues.

Also double and triple check your order deadlines. You don’t want to finalise your purchases only to realise in the confirmation email that delivery is expected after the celebrations.

3. Shop on the eve to get discounts

Planning ahead? Boring! Live life on the edge. While waiting until the day before Hari Raya to shop sounds like a terrible idea, that’s when cheap deals and better prices are available.

Besides, most people are done with their shopping by the eve of Hari Raya, and the malls are less crowded, allowing you to shop without having to fight off hoards of other panicky procrastinators.

Know when to stop shopping! (Freepik pic)

4. Keep track of your spending

Once you’ve completed purchasing everything on your shopping list, stop shopping!

Tally the receipts from all the Hari Raya expenses, including outfits, accessories, decorations and food.

It’s entirely too easy to blow a bunch of money on Hari Raya shopping. More mall time means more spending. Those who have kept to their budgets will start Hari Raya with less debt and less stress.

With Hari Raya around the corner, it is hoped these last minute shopping tips are helpful. During this season, let’s spread positive vibes and happiness. Selamat Hari Raya!