Non-alcoholic beer and ‘borrowing’ toilets

Taipei’s Whisbih Beer according to the only English words on the can, appears to contain “beer plus whisky”. Upon tasting the whisky content it’s not evident from the flavour although it does have a little kick at 5.2% alcohol.

White Bitter Gourd juice is a popular craze in Taiwan, being a healthier choice. The white gourd is much less bitter than the green variety and is said to have amazing health benefits. It tastes quite refreshing too, with a spoonful of honey added.


All this drinking will have its natural consequences, but don’t end up laughing as toilets cannot be “borrowed” especially in Shifen, Taiwan.

In Palembang, Indonesia, they offer cans of Guinness Zero ABV, a non-alcoholic version of Guinness. The Indonesian government banned the sale of beer in convenience stores in 2015 which made a big dent in the sales for Guinness and other brewers.


In response, Guinness concocted this brew especially for the Indonesian market. It is made in Dublin and shipped half-way round the world and still only retails for just Rp 8,700 or around RM2.50.

The ingredients include sucrose, caramel, roasted malt, barley and roasted coffee by-products. It has a sweet, coffee and malty taste. Not a bad soft drink really as long as it’s not mistaken for the real Guinness.

It definitely will not catch on in Ireland though.

In Palembang Square Shopping Mall, paying to use the gents entitles the user to a ticket for the “Toilet Lucky Dip”. It was not clear if the prizes stink.

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