Hiking solo builds character and confidence

Growing up in Asia, being in a constant state of cautiousness is almost inevitable. Family members always cast a protective shell, isolating loved ones from activities deemed risky.

For Asians parents, anything can and will be dangerous, even if it is just crossing the road n front of the house.

The reaction really wasn’t all that shocking when the parents were informed of the intended travel to Indonesia for the first solo hiking adventure. It was acknowledged with two pairs of widened eyes and dropped jaws.

Mothers in particular have always been overly concerned about their daughters’ safety and well-being so it took much persuasion to finally make it happen.

Many females prefer doing things on their own, and this includes hiking. There is something extremely satisfying about being able to make the journey based entirely on their own efforts.

When the trip is over, looking back on every step taken while hiking solo is immensely rewarding, although risk and danger are at times unavoidable:

Dangers of Solo Hiking (Female or Otherwise)

Emergency – Having no one to help you when you’re injured

Getting lost – Going onto the wrong trail

Lack of supplies – Water, food, maps

Mental state – Lack of moral support to go on/having someone to talk to

Female Solo Hiking Tips

Cast away negative thoughts

Yes, there are countless horror stories about people having met a tragic end while hiking. Keep in mind that unfortunate events take place around the world everyday.

Simmering in such negative thoughts will not get one any further. Instead, pay attention to the beauty that surrounds the hiker, immerse in the blueness of the sky or dip those tired feet in the cold rattling stream at the first chance.

Prepare a first aid kit

Hiking alone means having to nurse oneself in the event of unforeseen injuries. Understanding how to use the items in a first-aid kit is as important as having them, so thorough research is crucial.

The important items include bandages, tweezers to remove splinters or debris, oral dehydration salt, hydrocortisone cream and pain relievers.

Get into shape

It is wise to make sure that the would be hiker is physically well prepared, especially if taking on longer trails. Dragging out time due to exhaustion might leave the hiker out on the trail alone when the sky gets dark.

Don’t outdo the body

Feeling tired? Take a break. Sprained an ankle? Get help and put the journey on hold until fully recovered. No good ever comes from pushing the body too hard.

Gather enough experience first

Hike in a group and get familiar with the hiking do’s and don’ts before attempting it solo as it will greatly reduce the risks involved.

Elevate the experience

Painters and artistic types should bring along a sketchbook and spend some time by the waterfall to let their creativity flow. Those with a knack for photography can bring along a camera with as much memory it could hold.

It is a breeze to make the hiking experience a more memorable one with some thoughtful planning.

Hiking solo is the most rewarding thing a female can do. It teaches them to have courage, independence, wisdom, unreserved perseverance and unconditional commitment. Happy hiking!

This article first appeared in rollinggrace.com

Grace Ng is a serial wanderluster, solo female traveller, award-winning recipe developer and travel writer.