Pantai Bisikan Bayu: Beach of the Whispering Breeze

Pantai Bisikan Bayu, or the Beach of Whispering Breeze, is a pleasant beach fringed with casuarinas trees and coconut palms.

It is located between the villages of Kampung Tok Bali and Kampung Semerak on a stretch of Kelantan coastline just before the border with Terengganu. The beach is also known as Pantai Dalam Rhu.

With a lagoon behind the beach and the South China Sea in front, it is a peaceful spot. The Perhentian Islands can be seen about 25km away in the distance.

Unlike many other Kelantan beaches further north, it does not seem to have been adversely affected by beach erosion.

The sand is nice and soft. The sea water is clean and soft underfoot, albeit with a slightly brown colour caused by the churned-up sand. The sand beneath the water is hardly rocky.

A road runs alongside the beach and vendors can be found selling BBQ grilled sweet corn and coconuts.

To get here, stay on the beach road (D11) from Bachok towards Terengganu. You will see the turn off signposted near the town of Cherang Ruku.

As for accommodation, a new hotel was opened here in November 2011 called the Tok Aman Bali Beach Resort, a 4-star property.

It is built on a boat-shaped island surrounded by a lagoon. There are paddle boats available for going around the lagoon.

It is neat, clean and modern with a large swimming pool and beachfront access.

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