Gunnar Peterson brings new programme to Chris Hemsworth’s Centr

Celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson is rolling out a four-week program on Chris Hemsworth’s Centr app. (AFPrelaxnews pic)

After building up the hype on Instagram over the last three weeks, Gunnar Peterson’s four-week programme, “tailored to women,” will finally launch on Chris Hemsworth’s health and fitness app Centr on Monday.

The app, which was founded by Hemsworth after undergoing his own rigorous training programmes for movie roles, already features a collection of industry experts ready to offer their advice on workouts, meal plans, and meditations.

Gunnar, who is perhaps best known for sculpting celebrities such as Kate Beckinsale and J-Lo, will now join the team with a four-week programme, Gunnar X Centr, which has been specially designed for women.

Centr and Gunnar say the programme will help women fast-track their results, while also helping to build confidence.

The programme is suitable for all workout levels, and according to one of Gunnar’s Instagram posts, it’s especially well suited to those who haven’t exercised before.

If you’re still not sure if it is for you, then a free one-week trial is also available to give Gunnar’s workouts a try without the commitment.