Kim Haus is Penang’s happening lifestyle hub

Kim Haus Loft is a lot more than just a boutique hotel. There is a goldsmith museum that pays homage to the building’s history as a renowned jewellery store in the 80’s and 90s’, an event and performance space as well as a healthy cafe and bakery.

Kim Haus Loft’s strategic location in the heart of Penang is what makes this place a tourist-magnet. Located next to the famous Campbell Street Market, hawker fare of every kind is only a few minutes’ walk away along Campbell Street and Chulia Street.

Once you enter the premises, it is truly a sensory overload. The glorious smell of freshly baked bread wafting through the air is enough to draw passers-by into the cafe. Kim Haus’s bakery is popular for their fresh batch of pastries and artisanal loaves of bread.

Kim Haus Loft Penang
The best selling dishes include Chicken Masala served with rice and pappadum, Haus Style Salmon Burger, and Chicken Pasta with Pesto.

The owners believe in healthy and nutritional dishes without any artificial flavours. The Chicken Masala with rice is served in the most festive-looking tiffin carrier, along with condiments. The chicken was succulent and paired beautifully with the spicy gravy.

Standing 4-stories high, Kim Haus Loft can be summed up as a lifestyle brand as they provide a refined experience for both their walk-in visitors and hotel guests. It takes time to explore the site. The Goldsmith Museum is a unique feature on its own.

First of its kind in Malaysia, the museum offers an array of vintage goldsmith tools from different parts of the world. The Goldsmith Museum is evidently the historical representation of the building as it was a prominent jewellery store in Penang.

The people behind Kim Haus Loft captured the essence of this and used the industrial element of the goldsmith trade as the theme for the decor and vibe for the whole place.

Aptly named, Gold Bar at Kim Haus is an extension of the cafe area, but more secluded and intimate for a private dining option. The amazing feature of the Gold Bar has to be The Vault, believed to be the biggest vault in Penang, left behind by the previous owners.

Kim Haus utilised this 40-year-old vault by turning it into a private dining room, decked with luxurious decor to match the restaurant.

Adopting a minimalistic yet functional decor, each boutique hotel room is fitted with a private bathroom equipped with a bidet and shower. There are three types of rooms — private rooms (hostel-style with common baths), standard and studio rooms with an en-suite.

The price ranges from RM70 per night for the private room to RM130 for a standard room and RM220 onwards for the studio.

Kim Haus Loft Penang
With minimalistic yet functional decor, each room is fitted with a private bathroom.

Their selections of murals are unique, and they do host various artists like Mike Makatron and Louis Gan to leave their art on areas of the premises. These add further charm to the Kim Haus brand.

A live band performs every night. The energy of the lounge area on the second floor is relaxed and a perfect spot to jam to your favourite music.

Kim Haus specifically designed this area to create a space for up and coming performers to add to the lifestyle element for their hotel brand.

The lounge is well furnished with comfy seats and dim lights and there is a balcony for guests to relax and take in the night breeze.

Kim Haus Loft Penang
The lounge area is the perfect spot to enjoy the live band that performs every night.

Kim Haus Loft blurs the lines between business and art by providing a communal space for creative souls to express themselves.

Kim Haus Loft

No. 9 & 11 Campbell Street

Penang, Malaysia

Tel: 016-3301515

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