A long but worthwhile wait for Pudu fish noodles

A bowl of grouper fish noodles soup.

Many may be already familiar with fish noodles. Fresh seafood in an easy-to-consume single serving that fills the stomach with healthy ingredients in a tasty way, so what more could one ask for?

Well, heed this suggestion and check out Little Eat Stall to see what they have in store for you.

The Little Eat Stall serves fish noodles only on Fridays and weekends.

Little Eat Stall is located along Jalan Beruang in Pudu. It is technically a simple roadside stall with a zinc roof.

The good thing is that the seating area is clean and somewhat comfortable if not a little warm under the Malaysian sun.

The stall serves a variety of different dishes on different days. The fish noodles is available on Friday and weekends.

Unlike the huge variety of fish and other seafood available at other fish noodles restaurants, Little Eat Stall offers only grouper or tiger grouper in either fillet or fish head portions, with a single type of clear soup.

And these come with mee hoon; there are no options of yellow noodles or kuey teow.

The noodles make for super healthy comfort food.

What this spot lacks in terms of options it more than makes up for in terms of quality.

The fish is very fresh, and the soup base with that dash of rice wine is so good, you will clean out your bowl without a doubt. The choice of vegetables in the dish is a definite plus as well.

Simply put, this may become your favourite fish noodles spot, or rather fish mee hoon spot in the city.

Do give it a try if you’re a fan, but one thing you’ll need to be at least mentally prepared for is the wait time.

Little Eat Stall
17, Jalan Beruang
Pudu, Kuala Lumpur

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