Meghan Markle is a bigger style influencer than Kate Middleton

Meghan Markle’s looks seem to draw more interest from the world’s fashionistas, according to search platform Lyst. (AFP pic)

While Kate Middleton has been wielding her own considerable influence over fashion trends for years now, Meghan Markle’s arrival among the Royal Family seems to have tipped the scales in her favour.

According to worldwide search platform Lyst (, the Duchess of Sussex’s looks seem to draw more interest from the world’s fashionistas.

That is the conclusion that Lyst came to by analysing over 20 million searches carried out on its platform between Dec 1, 2017 and June 5, 2019.

The fashion-centric search engine has also focused on key moment in the women’s lives, such as the introduction of Prince Louis (April 23, 2018) and Prince Archie (May 9, 2019), Prince Charles’s 70th birthday (November 14, 2018), and Princess Eugenie’s wedding (October 12, 2018), among others.

The verdict: Meghan Markle generally seems to have a greater influence than Kate Middleton in terms of clothing and accessories.

Lyst points out that the Duchess of Cambridge’s looks result in an average increase of 119% of online searches in the week following a public appearance, versus 216% for the Duchess of Sussex.

Fashion addicts thus seem to prefer Meghan Markle’s style.

Looking closer, we see that the Catherine Walker red coat worn by Kate Middleton for the Commonwealth ceremonies at Westminster Abbey is the piece of clothing with the most influence over the audience, with a 225% increase in online searches for identical creations.

Meghan Markle left her mark during the 50th anniversary of Prince Charles’s Investiture at Buckingham Palace with a gold and silver brocade dress.

In just 24 hours, online demand for brocade dresses saw a 500% increase.

The study’s ultimate finding is that the two Duchesses have two different types of influence on the public.

While Kate Middleton tends to have an effect on searches for designer brands (boosting the likes of Jenny Packham), Meghan Markle has an impact on searches for specific colours, with an emphasis on beige, blanc, and navy blue.