Homemade pork burgers by Chef Fabio of Sapore

This burger looks mouthwatering but is surprisingly easy to make if you have a little patience and are willing to trust the cook in you to create a masterpiece.

The recipe below is that of Chef Fabio of Sapore, an Italian, Spanish-Mediterranean restaurant located in Ampang.

So go ahead and knock yourself out!


• Pork meat (preferably iberico shoulder)
• Burger buns
• Taleggio cheese
• Onions
• Fresh parsley
• Black pepper
• Paprika
• Tomato
• Lettuce


• Slice pork shoulder into small pieces.
• Mince small pieces of meat.
• Season meat with finely chopped fresh parsley, onions, black pepper and paprika.
• Mix all ingredients together and shape into a patty.
• Sear patty on a hot skillet until it chars to lock in the juices.
• Transfer the patty into a pre-heated oven at 180°C and bake for four minutes.
• Butter burger buns and toast until golden.
• Assemble the burger with tomato and onion slices as you wish.
• Reheat the cooked patty with taleggio cheese on top until the latter softens.
• Move the patty to the bun and finish off with desired greens.
• Serve with your favourite relish and sides.

This article first appeared in uppre.com