Hoppy, the three-legged dog

Here is the story of a handicapped dog, abused by one family but showered with love by another. Every dog has its day.

Hoppy was born a healthy, normal dog. However, he was left handicapped after his former owner chopped off his front paw and left him to bleed. Hoppy was eventually rescued by an independent organisation called Voice for Paws after concerned neighbours raised the alarm about his condition. By then, his whole leg had become infected, all the way to the bone. The vet advised amputating the entire leg, saying it would otherwise be difficult for Hoppy to balance or walk. It took Hoppy eight months to recover. He was cared for by several people who however gave up as they were afraid to handle a handicapped dog.For the next two years, he was fostered by a volunteer from Voice for Paws. Every Sunday, he was brought for adoption drives but while many felt sorry for him, no one wanted to take in a three-legged dog. One day, the Pillais turned up – and it was love at first sight. Here is Hoppy with his new family: Devan Pillai, his wife Shahlini and their two children, Daarnya and Reyshan. 'Let's take him home,' says the look on 9-year-old Daarnya's face. Reyshan, 7, places a comforter across the back seat of the car to ensure Hoppy has a safe trip back to the house. The Voice for Paws volunteer who took care of Hoppy beams as she says good-bye to him. It's hard for her to let Hoppy go, but she's glad to know that he has a family now. Hoppy, still settling in two weeks after his adoption. It's taking him a while to get used to his new family but everyone agrees, it wouldn't be complete without him.